Dé Luain, Meitheamh 21, 2010

World Cup

Okay, so North Korea did get fucked up by somebody eventually. The 66 team that beat Italy and posted the best ever-finish for an Asian team outside of Asia got the gulag treatment as punishment for being knocked out by the third-place team. Jump out of your hotel windows and make a run for it while you can boys.

The last round of games in Group H will be very interesting. If Spain (the team I picked to win it all back in December if I remember right) is held to a draw by a very good Chile team, than a Switzerland win would knock them out. Even if they do win that missed penalty by David Villa and a whole host of other shoulda been goals could come back to haunt them, as a second place group finish would probably set up a premature matchup with Brazil in the second round.

Though Portugal looked fully capable of beating Brazil in the early game, so who knows?

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