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I'm thinking of kicking about Mexico for a couple of weeks in the spring. I bought a passport last week. You didn't used to need a passport to go to Mexico or Canada I've been as far abroad as Vancouver and Monterrey, but you need one now, so.

Anyway when my uncle heard about my vague plans he warned me that 'they're gunning down Americans on sight.' as proof he offered the figure of six Americans murdered in Mexico in the past six months, about as many murdered Americans as the city of Lincoln produces in a year, and of course Mexico is a neighbor and a huge trading partner, and the number of citizens of one country currently being in the other at the moment is for various reasons much higher than the population of Lincoln at any time. Not that I want to downplay the real dangers of Mexican nightlife, just to say that it's the same as any other bad neighborhood, nation-sized or no. Never buy drugs on credit and you'll be exponentially safer everywhere.

But he's not one to bother arguing with my uncle. He's one who takes pride in being right while at the same time being able to separate his own rightness from the level of fact in what he says. What he says isn't right because the information is correct, this matters very little. No, whatever he happens to say is right because he is the one saying it and I am his junior. Yesterday he said something about how well the Creighton football team was doing, and I got nothing but an angry brick wall response when I pointed out that they haven't played American football there since the forties, though the soccer team is indeed pretty good.

Later that day he pointed out that many Native Americans are changing their names back to something prototypicaly Native instead of whatever Anglophone name was imposed on their families back in Boarding House days. The way my uncle stated this made it clear that he considered this a case of minorities getting special rights, 'They can do anything on Indian Reservations' when of course everybody is free to change their name to anything. There are some exceptions, they'll be no getting 'Dr. Cuntfucker Supreme' printed on your license, and it's something that's done very rarely, since of course it make family dinners even more painful, but it's legal to all just the same.

The uncle said that when Indians on the Rosebud Reservation are given subsidized housing, either from The State or the casino up there, the first thing they do is rip out the toliets and sinks and sell them to the highest bidder, using the holes in the floor for waste removal.

And as I've said before he's right of course. Because being right is not what he is on a given subject but who he is. And in case you were wondering, no, the Rosebud Sioux don't actually pawn off their own indoor plumbing, and you were stupid for wondering. But that's not important.

Within the Beran family there is a secret route from North Platte to the 'Siouxland" where Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota all meet. Take US. 83 up to NE. 92 East, 92 East through Arnold to the Anselmo Road, Anselmo Road through Anselmo past Victoria Springs to US. 183 North. US. 183 north to NE. 91 East. Ne. 91 east through Burwell to US. 281 North. US 281 North through Bartlett to NE. 70 East. NE. 70 east to NE. 14 at Elgin. NE 14 North through Neligh to US 20 East. US 20 East to US. 81 junction. Signs from there will point you towards Sioux City, Sioux Falls, Yankton, anywhere else up there you happen to be going. I just felt a duty to share. Grandpa used to get very angry when someone suggested taking the main roads up there and adding a whole twenty miles.

Dé Sathairn, Nollaig 18, 2010

North Freeway Mentioned in News Today

US. Hwy 75, which north of downtown Omaha used to run on 30th street from Dodge all the way to the city limits, currently runs along a freeway that splits North Omaha in twain for about five miles before filtering back into city traffic, on 30th street, just as one is entering the White neighborhood of Florence.

The North Freeway was a disaster for North Omaha, houses bulldozed, families displaced, businesses and the jobs they provided ground into dust and for what? A freeway that dead-ends back on city streets not more than five minutes out of downtown, cutting maybe three minutes off of a driver's commute. It was clearly built on the attitude that real Americans always drive, period; that cars do not exist for getting to the city but that cities exist to give cars something to drive through, that certain classes of people living in the city are not people at all, and so whatever they suffer in the name of progress,(Giving the people who actually matter slightly more incentive to drive) is unimportant.

So now there's a move afoot to name this evil chunk of road after Martin Luther King, in the name of 'healing.' For some reason I'm thinking of Chris Rock's tales of flunking his Black History class as a child, answering every question with 'Martin Luther King!'. And which Martin Luther King do they intend to name the road after? The real MLK or the one who shills for Mercedes-Bens and opposes affirmative action? I think you know the answer to that as well as I do dear reader.

Senator Ernie Chambers (He will always be Senator, capitialized, always.) has raised a ruckus about this attempt to 'prettyfy' this atrocity. good for him, and may he live for another fifty years as an advocate for people who the leaders of this state hold in such naked and open contempt.

If they must name the North Freeway after a person then I would suggest old Roman Hruska, the man who as US Senator once bullied the mayor of San Francisco for daring to oppose having various freeways manfully plowed through his effeminate neighborhoods. He was a real salt of the earth man Hruska, knowing that every true American loves barraling big cars down big roads so damnit lets get em built and fuck anyone who's in the way.

In spite of my own leanings I've no problem with naming things after Republican leaders, it's only natural in a state as conservative as this one. It's why I named my institute for legal prostitution after Dave Heineman. Last meeting of the year is tonight after last call, by the by, be sure to come prepared.


They're Considering Leagalizing Incest In Switzerland

Sex between extended family; cousins, aunts & nephews, uncles & neices, etc. etc. Now they're considering making it legal for junior to get with mom.

Not my country not my business I suppose. Maybe now I can continue my academic research of black market pornography without feeling so guilty about it.

Dé hAoine, Nollaig 17, 2010

Chrisma Woman Discusses Choosing a College,and /or a Husband

Joe-How do I get a girl?
Psych-What kind of girl?
Joe-A girl to marry me.
Psych-What happened to your last girl friend?
Joe-I dated her three months and she went out on me.
Psych-Did you bed down with her?
Joe-The third date I couldn’t help myself.
Psych-Did you have an engagement ring to say you wanted her to be exclusive?
Joe-No. I thought since she saw me that way she would be nicer and stay.
Psych- Did you say you love her before you bed down?
Joe-No. She was the only girl I really cared about and now I live with my parents and can’t find a woman even to talk to.
Psych-How long have you been living with your parents?
Joe-Two years. I couldn’t find a career track job so I came back to work in my dad’s shop.
Psych-What is your history with women?
Joe-I dated a girl about every semester and slept with them after about a month.
Psych-What happened then?
Joe-I just wanted to date more women so I quit them.
Psych-Did a sleep over make you feel you had a focus too soon?
Joe- Yes. I felt obligated to have to deal with her again and again and I just couldn’t do it.
Psych-Tell me what hap-pened the first time.
Joe-It was awful. I got excited and I hurt her coming in.
Psych- When a woman looses her virginity she is hurt mildly but especially when she is not married to the man.
Joe-I felt lousy but I made it up to her and just held her.
Psych-A woman in that position without a husband cries and cries.
Joe-I found out the hard way.
Nobody told me it would be like that.
Psych-Do you regret that?
Joe-Yes, but I like being an adult, doing adult things.
Psych-A responsible adult refrains from that attachment so that the woman isn’t hurt unless she’s married.
Joe-Why isn’t it the same for the man?
Psych-A woman holds a baby in her womb to take care of for 18 years.
Joe-That’s a big investment.
Psych-We keep the same huge emotional pattern whether we have birth control or not.
Joe-Why is it not the same experience if you are not married?
Joe-I like you a little bit. I love you for the rest of your life. Is that the same thing with the same effect?
Joe-No. A little means I’ll be there a little so far. Stating I love you forever is a big thing.
Psych-How big?
Joe-That requires a ring.
Joe-I slept with so many girls how is one ever going to come back to me to my bed every evening?
Psych-If you touch lightly with a lot of stories instead of deep touch with few stories a woman can fall in love.
Joe-Is that a statistic?
Psych-Yes. Freud only asked middle aged women their emotive content and without Freud ever touching them many got a crush on Freud.
Joe-Do you mean all I have to do is ask stories of her life without even touching her?
Psych-Yes. You want her to jump sky high to date you.
Joe-How do I manage the competition when they might be crawling all over her?
Psych-There is never such a competition. You can com-mand a person to meet with you again only by your gentle words. Be a gentle man.
Joe-What if I don’t want her to come back?
Psych-State in the beginning I want to meet with a lot of women so I date celibately away from a shelter.
Joe-What kind of woman is going to like that?
Psych- A slow approach is truthful to the actual amount of care. Build trust celibately and you know her behaviors have to be chaste. You can only marry a woman who doesn’t bed hop so ask yourself not to. For years men want to hop from one woman to another to compare so do so without hurt, with-out deceptive too much touch. Make up 100 ques-tions to ask a date. You give a ring to the one that gets to 100. Looking at a shelter together is a milestone event. We take tests to graduate in life. To graduate to make a family give each date ques-tions from the test. Soon she will test you too wisely. After a year or so you unique yourself as a hero for her.
Jennie, a shy senior at Stanford was asked where she was going to look for work when she graduated. Jennie said “I like the Bay area. I’ll look for work here.” Suddenly her mom was alarmed. “Nobody likes the Bay area unless they are gay” she said later to her daughter. “What’s going on?” “I only did group sex and only once.” Shocked mom cries to her husband at their bedside. “We’ve got to get her to a psychotherapist.” “Let’s get her to a Catholic college in the midwest for her last semester” said her dad. That’s all they could do.
It is too taboo for parents to mention anything about their grown child’s breeding be-havior. They simply give them up at their college dorm and hope for the best.
Jack Kerioac in his “On the Road” journey didn’t realize in 1959 where there is the most pot there is the most insane making behavior. Persons walked off the San Francisco bridge about every day smitten with free love and pot that were rejected too harshly. Places with the most pot have the most bisexuals, Brown University, Yale and San Francisco State lead in both pot and bi’s.
In Detroit after one bed episode Lucy and Kent split because Kent said he would like to try kissing his former male roommate from college. She gave him a pair of pants to try on in the next sentence. Then she walked for three days coming to bed only to crash to sleep. This is a common pattern for those
falling out from a mate going gay. It is extremely desta-bilizing. Lucy took in men only to cry to for the next six months and they left early the same evening until a gifted story teller told her one story after another for weeks on end for a cure.
Fitz was a Salsaleto wife and mother of five. Her husband, an English major in college in 1975 worked as an antique dealer in San Fran-sisco for 15 years. Fitz peeked into her husband’s room while he was rehearsing a dialogue with a gay per-sona. She was mortified. “My husband is gay.” She self inflicted to end her life that evening. Did the dad get the kids? No. One teen son ran away to Omaha to announce his dad’s bad behavior. Relatives took them in.
Can one person’s bad touch behavior away from others effect another person ad-versely? Yes. Even if they don’t know.
We wanted everyone to like touch behavior. What we found out is startling.
How to heal from this? Have a warm bottle with milk and rum with a blanket and rock yourself to sleep. Read “My Antonia” by Willa Cather and other faithful to you with words and life ever after stories. Avoid steamy novels. Avoid masturbation.
The problem is the one maimed cannot think of their mate even for a second after the discovery.
Thinking of your husband in a gay behavior is such an assault many don’t survive the first evening. They should flee the home immediately to survive. To get sane again they need a refuge for a year or two. Children have to be given away or the maimed mom is homicidal to her own children.
Extreme anxiety occurs even to just lay down. Give her a heating pad to relax her during bedtime hours or 24 hours a day. After a month of screaming in bathrooms she can self dialogue in a calm way. Day hours in a church calm any communication. “Jesus loves me” can be a healing statement to get her words in order.
Touch relates to trust is a precise understatement that has to be understood in every display of honor.
A little touch equals a little trust.
I hold you dear to my life is a statement at a wedding. Wife is veiled and unveiled properly at this time. I trust you with my life for the consequences of bedding is to have a child.
Why did I trust you with my life is a very sorry conse-quences when getting AIDS or 90% fatal in a month tuberculosis.
I trust you with my forward looking to plan with you our future always is a bedroom expression.
Two gay lays down cuss afterwards always. They dislike what they have done.
Is the bi very sane? No. Read “Nijinsky” a ballet star who slept with his male director and had a wife. In the end at an asylum, words garbled he knelt in the snow to ask forgiveness to his wife.
A smart father has seen his own generation develop poorer and poorer breeding behavior. He says this to his
daughter “I am giving you funds for a psychology sessions every two weeks while you are in college. You are a nice sane girl but there are a lot of insane making behaviors out there. I want you to get married some day to a nice man.”
The young woman goes faithfully and astoundingly matures at a rate ten times faster than most college students.
A smart father reads the college book for students that shows who has the most alcohol, pot, what social activities available and what academic scores.
Beach schools are the most promiscuous.
Colleges with a lot of alcohol consumption are being curtailed. They ask frats and alumni frats to confess how their grades went down when they drank too much. They made a contract to not allow drinking on campus anymore.
A nice father wants his daughter to go to a women’s college. Maybe that’s the answer so daughter won’t be promiscuous. He reads her English term paper. “Wives are enslaved by their husbands.” That professor is a lesbian teaching her weird statements. Her daughter Jill, smart and beautiful became a lesbian. Lesbians are in great numbers at women’s col-leges. Men’s colleges have too many gays. They band together to state “let’s get him to be gay.” Unassuming young man is badgered until he can’t answer this try out everything and then decide idea. They even have college courses on sexuality where gays coming out talk about more than heavy breathing and go on excursions together.How do they get A+
A fourth father sent her daughter to a midwest Catholic college with four in a cottage dorm room. She came out alright.
College is a breeding ground for the pursuit of marriage. This is where you can meet the biggest population of the other gender who is as smart as you.
This is where many fool around. Why is the word “fool” in that sentence? A fool’s paradise is to have too many lovers and no one that loves you.
Catholics still teach how love comes about. Serve those that are suffering. Withdraw from having something intimate you don’t understand yet. Do you serve another by inviting yourself into their room? No.
Why is womb and room so close in pronunciation? Once in a room a man gets into a woman’s womb. Don’t come into my room and you won’t be in my womb is ancient wisdom.
This way I won’t have your baby. I won’t have brain abuse. It is such a self abuse to have a high without care for a lifetime that a person becomes less smart. They cannot decide to judge a person by his statements again very well. Every virgin growing up and that’s everybody can judge a person by their statements. What happens after a high excite-ment without care and commitment for a lifetime? Whatever their mate said before the high excitement they tend to seek for years to come as ideal.
If taken by rape she has to train herself first to admonish the behavior, then train herself to forget it, then exalt all gentle behavior. Being away from any man for a couple years helps this woman recover.
Woman, a shelter is all you’ve got between you and a brute, a spoiled man or a husband in the making. A man is stronger than a woman. He can do what he wants once in a home of a woman.
Even a nice man thinks he will just kiss and good by after listening to music together in her dorm room. He doesn’t realize the animal inclination is to lay down like a magnet on couch, floor or bed.
Women are not equal here. The best a college can do is discuss breeding behavior. For its best effects have single room single gender dorms with security officer
for evening signatures and no pot. Offer coed parties on first floor every Friday and everybody is happy.
“Dad I’m engaged and we’re going to live off campus” is a great relief and
a blessing to all. Ask colleges to give permission to live off campus only this way.

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TP Mezembe Bitches!!

That is all.

St. Martin and the Begger

Not even on the short list of most blatantly gay images in Catholicism.

Dé Luain, Nollaig 13, 2010

'Leaders and Legends' Divisions?

Ugh! Is changing the Big 10 to the Blind Side League up next?

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Slacktivist Shoutout: http://slacktivist.typepad.com/slacktivist/2008/10/false-witnesses-2.html

Yeah, I guess it's kind of old. But I just read it, so bear with me.

This post is largely about people trying to assure themselves of their own goodness by taking proud, ostentatious stands against things every sane person is against. It's similar I think to things that I've touched on a lot in my own thoughts and writings.

It reminded me of the death penalty debate, among other things, the way that DP supporters will piously declare that they motivated by empathy for murder victims, while suggesting that DP opponents must not care about the victims. And of course the premise that it is impossible to mourn a murder victim without screaming for the killers head is known to be false. Relatives of the victim after all, parents, spouses, siblings, who indisputably love their dead, have often called for the killers life to be spared for one reason or the other.

So support for the death penalty seems a pretty obvious way of upping the moral ante for the morally insecure. If you convince yourself that it is impossible to oppose murder without opposing the death penalty, then an obvious given suddenly becomes something exceptional and heroic.

And we Americans live in a culture that is both highly competitive and deeply moralistic. We are raised to believe that exceptional and heroic is the basic minimum standard of what we should strive to be; and so this anti-kitten burning pseudo-morality could be applied to any number of other issues as well. In this we are surely not alone.

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CFB End-of-regular-season top 20 Special

1. Oregon
2. Auburn
3. TCU
4. Wisconsin
5. Ohio State
6. Stanford
7. Michigan State
8. Nevada
9. Oklahoma
12.Boise State
13.Virginia Tech
15.Oklahoma St.
17.Florida State
18.South Carolina
19.Texas A&M

Sometimes I Really Think That Pam is in on the Gag

Benzyl alcohol is lethal as an injection. Ehealthme.com web site has listed over fifty ways to homicide patients with benzyl alcohol and other combinations. Why is this left on a web site? It must be being done all over this country. Why does FDA have phantom machines that do nothing listed as FDA ap-proved for medicine? FDA is involved with stupid mach-ines that do nothing.
Euthanasia is a misnomer. When one person harms another person lethally it is called homicide. Throw away the other word. Innocent persons questioned the word “euthanasia” but didn’t go far enough to save their own life. Too many have been hom-icided recently.

Fish skin used to be used in place of a rubber for con-traception. Rubbers in Africa are nearly the same price here, about a dollar a piece. The average salary in Rwan-da is $100 a year. How can any young man who makes less than a forty year old afford a rubber? He can’t.
What happened to the rubber plantations that existed in Central Africa? Since Standard Oil decided to use plastics rubber trees are used less and less. Rubbers are made of latex now. An enterprising African can consider growing rubber trees just for the prophylactic concern. Since trees take years to grow maybe an African country’s govern- ment can invest in rubber trees.
Fish skin may not be entirely reliable but there can be a search for the best in terms of durability and thinness. What fish can be skinned for the best fish skin so young men know a cheap source of contraception? It is better than nothing.

How do women that genocide in America date? Chinese students here put awful statements into sub-liminals when a Chinese man decides a certain American should be homicided. When millions of Chinese came here to use sneaky techniques to genocide innocent Amer-icans that they had no argument with, they were not looking ahead at their own progeny expectations. A Chinese woman can do away with her date in a minute. She doesn’t have to be at his house to do the awful deed.
When a Chinese govern-ment invests to decimate Americans with sneaky techniques they are giving them techniques to use on their own wives and hus-bands, children and babies. These Chinese will not have families. They cannot control themselves to be nice to each other. There has never been women on earth involved in genocidal behavior except for these Chinese. Soldiers don’t have a safe woman to go back to after the strife is over. Sneaky techniques are worth-less.
Subliminals effect the brain to make persons dumber as well as whatever the host wants them to do. The brain is enclosed in a hard cranium bone. Subliminals effect the gastrointestinal areas more easily because they are not enclosed in bone. Malab-sorbtion with yellow poo is likely to be caused by subliminals. This means the brain does not get the nutrients that it should. Chinese leaders are making Chinese and Americans dumber this way too.

Gay men accepted a study in which some were given a placebo in place of a medical pill. This is illegal because persons with a placebo would be getting AIDS and AIDS without proper medicine for 6 months or as long as the study occurred.
Placebos were never meant for such a serious contagion. Our government outlawed placebos for AIDS studies since inception of the AIDS disease. That’s why we relied on monkeys for testing for so long.
Secondly the study is outright flawed because there are too many variables. If fifty men have sex only with one person and fifty have sex with twenty persons then the variables are too many to be called a study.
Thirdly one person may have HIV without full blown AIDS. Another person may have full blown AIDS and pass along a huge viral load. So what are these persons bragging about in the news?
They are genociding gay men and they know it.
If your urine smells sweet you may have diabetes type II usually found in those also older and overweight. Those with diabetes have too much acid in their metabolism. Brush your teeth with baking soda, an alkaline substance. For foot wounds that don’t heal put honey on it with a sock over it and go to sleep.
Honey has high sugar nutrient, low moisture to seal the wound and hydrogen peroxide to hydrate with oxygen. This may heal enough so there is no amputation. Try the Sur-geon’s Skin Secret at 888 252-6275 used for diabetics for making skin softer.

This has always been true. Karl Marx tried to make this true statement fuzzier with his awful sentences.
A rich entrepreneur needs only to give the poor enough salary so they sustain them-selves and a little more.
The employer needs only to listen to his employees for improvements of themselves and the entire enterprise. That’s what is required to help along a paradise on earth. Scrooge can be coaxed to understand consequences of stinginess or when you are able generosity. Tiny Tim was never improved by Karl Marx. Tiny Tim received from his father’s salary and Scrooge’s Christmas bonus.
This century shall be remembered by evaluating who was cruel or who was kind. Communists are cruel.
We don’t need a fancy name
for humans set on being cruel in massive numbers with the same awful plans.

Martin Luther King’s said in his “I have a dream” speech “a man is not judged by his color but by the character of his deeds.” Martin Luther King wouldn’t have liked Obama. Obama’s deeds have been to genocide elderly and sweet kind non marijuana persons.
We like Bill Cosby a great comedian, actor, author and father figure for millions of young people. Who can forget him rubbing jello all over his body so the blob wouldn’t somehow come down the New Jersey Turnpike? He was great as a secret agent and he’s great as a actor father of an African American family. We grew up with him with laughter.

What can we give a people
that does not officially look up to kind humans to admire? A Chinese person can admire their father and mother kind enough to care for them for so many years. Their parents whisphered something about Christians in America that they had a kinder leader.
Christian missionaries are going to China in small droves impressing Chinese with nicer thoughts to think.
Let’s give them William Bennett’s “Book of Virtues” for grade school, teens and a book for adults for all1billion and a half of them for their
We liked your pandas as gifts at the National Zoo in Washington. Cuddle up to William Bennett’s book with a toy Panda for a nice soft experience.
Nice soft kindness is not a threat. Nice soft kindness is a concern to help a person who is a little weak.
Everybody is a little weak at some time or another. Can you be kind?

Diaper rash ointment plus zinc is a $2 cure for herpes as good as the prescription salve. Propolis bee ingre-dient is beneficial so honey may also be. L-lysine cream is helpful too.
Studies show those that have herpes now are susceptible to alzheimers sooner than most the population. Cinnamon detan-gles the tau tangles of the alzheimer’s nerve. Try cin-namon with honey on the head for improvement of thinking.

Disciplining the child has been done by mom with the effect of making a child nicer to be around. Every mom in every country does this.Why? Mom wants the child to grow up and get married. Mom wants the child to be nice enough to gets dates that lead to a happy marriage with another nice person. Catho-lics say they are sorry a lot. This smooths over rough spots in conversations. A person is well bred that trains themselves to be kind.

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Brett Mussberger Quote

"He appears to have covered his own muff."