Dé Luain, Bealtaine 23, 2011

There's This Pregnant Woman I Know

I've noticed that comments or questions about her pregnancy are always, without fail, the first thing out of the mouth of everyone she speaks you. Even two-word courtesy phrases are always something in the vein of 'excuse me mama'.

I can understand some fascination with sex and reproduction. I've heard rumors that there's such a thing, but is a woman's motherhood always and forever the most notable thing about her from the first time she becomes noticibly pregnant until the end of her days? Me I'm a shy guy, and would probably be the same way if I were a woman, and the thought of running into such intrusive annoyences and knowing that there would never be any escape from them, horrifying isn't remotely adequate.

The woman I speak of here though, she's taking it well, but I do have a strong sense that she's burning inside.

Dé Domhnaigh, Bealtaine 22, 2011

"Children are like arrows in the hand of a mighty man. Simply put, the more children you have, the more weapons you’ll have to throw at the devil. Imagine if every christian family thought this way. We would have lots of spiritual warrious out there!"

Ah yes, mass reproduction as a display of dominance, if it worked for Ghenghis Khan, than by God it can work it can work for the whitebread true American Christian congregants of 'Power of the Word' faith community.

Interesting angle on abortion as well, 'children are like arrows' this woman is openly stating that offspring are polyps that drop off of the man's dick.

Déardaoin, Bealtaine 19, 2011



If you think there's no such thing as ever repeating your core beliefs loudly enough, repeatedly enough, or obnoxiously enough, you just might be a fanatic.

And stay the hell out of the webdesign business for the love of humanity.

Dé Céadaoin, Bealtaine 18, 2011

top 10 FC's

1. Barcelona
2. Man United
3. B. Dortmund
4. AC Milan
5. Real Madrid
6. Chelsea
7. Porto
8. Lille
9. Inter
10 B. Leverkusen

Dé hAoine, Bealtaine 13, 2011

Oh Redistricting

So, Bellevue, with its contiguous urban blending into Omaha, has less in common in Omaha than Gretna, from where one can reach 10th and O or 13th and Dodge in the same amount of time. Right.

Shady gerrymandering from any party is of course not remotely new. But combine this nonsense with the Jim Suttle recall attempt, followed by the whining after its failure that the outcome was determined by treating homeless people like citizens and allowing them to vote, the petulant harrumphing of many right-wingers in the suburbs around Omaha about having to pay a wheel tax to support the upkeep of its streets just because they drive on them every day and contribute to there wear... (These are true self-reliant Americans you see, and if forced to support those deadbeats in the city they can just take their talents and their business somewhere else you know. As for the fact that they aren't quite self-reliant enough to live on any of the millions of acres in Nebraska that aren't within thirty miles of a major city, never mind ya fucking commie.)

It's almost as if right-wingers, in Nebraska and elsewhere consider themselves better than everyone else. (may one dare say elitist?) And since they are better then everyone else than they should get what they want by fiat without facing the humiliating prospect of being outvoted by dirty brown people and smartass hipsters. As social change has inexorably worn away white suburban privilege, so too has all of the old patriotic pieties used to justify that privilege been gradually stripped away to the naked childish 'I WANT IT!!' it has always and only ever been.

These people really do consider themselves aristocrats. They believe with utter seriousness that this country and all of us in it outside of their social group exist to serve them. So be it. We will, end, win anyway. The Omaha district will, in the short-term, remain competitive, in both congressional and presidential races. In the long-term it will become solidly Democratic, while the perfectly safe Republican third district will fade from existence. While all of this is happening, Republican primaries for state office will be clouded with a glut of term-limited amateurs from the new-style populist unicam. Conservative dominance of the state will, through hubris and entropy if nothing else, gradually erode. The more power they grab through naked entitlement the more shall slip through their fingers.

I Had Something to Say Yesterday

but Blogger went offline without warning.

Thanks fellas.

Dé Luain, Bealtaine 09, 2011

Excuse me Man


"The town of Milton, Massachusetts is advertising in a hardcore homosexual newspaper for a new principal for Milton High School. The newspaper Bay Windows, published in Boston, has a history of perversion, anti-Catholic bigotry,"

There is a specific meaning to the phrase 'hardcore homosexual' see the post below to get some idea, and this cuddle-happy little community rag you bitch about isn't it.

Dé Céadaoin, Bealtaine 04, 2011

Post 900

To mark the occasion and the zeitgeist of the moment, here's a poem from some anonymous internet person called 'God Bless US"

O Lord, our refuge and strength
When it's 'in God we trust'
The foe has struck your firstborn
With a great infamous thrust

Like history repeated
A Trojan Horse await
To massacre the blameless
A 'Nine-eleven' fate

They've dared defy an army
That does proclaim you Lord
Deliver US from their hand
Whet your glittering sword

Our Father who's in heaven
Shield US, your battle axe
Guard these in Thy replevin
Then Babylon do tax

Give US righteous victory
In Thy name, Lord of host
So that all the earth may know
'In God we trust' foremost

O Lord, our Rock and fortress
'Land of the Free' protect
Keep US strong 'til Shiloh come
Then on to Him collect

He maketh the wars to cease
Unto the end of earth
Breaketh bow, cut sunder spear
To chariots flame's birth

'Be calm, and know that I am God:
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth.'

The Lord of hosts is with US
Our refuge we proclaim
Bless US in our endeavor
We ask in Jesus name

Top 10 Fc's

1. Barcelona
2. Man United
3. B. Dortmund
4. AC Milan
5. Real Madrid
6. Chelsea
7. Lille
8. Inter Milan
9. Arsenal
10 B. Leverkusen

Dé Luain, Bealtaine 02, 2011

Well Isn't This Something?

I was one of many who had stopped even wondering when Bin Laden would be caught. It's not that there was any point where I gave up hope that he would be, it's just that I had come to half-consciously believe that he was either already dead of peaceful causes or would head that way someday soon, a phantom kept alive to inspire jihadists and despirit the West. Well, he was apparently still a flesh and blood man hanging out in more-or-less modern medium-sized city, and we really fucking got him. I remember Sept. 11, I woke up foggy from a slight hangover about an hour after the towers had collapsed. Take that for what you will, and since then have spent the last decade growing slightly wiser and ever more aware of and horrified at those who actively lust and strive for a twenty first century of eternal geocultural strife. This hellish vision of chauvinists in both East and West, who both wear their hatred for each other as badges of purity and need each other as couples do, was something that I had real hope the election of Obama would hope to kill. I have been both satisfied and disappointed in this. And now I feel the same hope with the death of this flesh-and-blood bogeyman. We'll see.

I was somewhat shocked to learn he was only fifty four, born in the same year as my mother. The man was Palpatine.

Did I celebrate Bin Laden's death. No, I thought the presidents response was perfectly appropriate. Somber over the fact that this had to be done, yet openly satisfied that it was done and done so well. I for my part did not scream or shout. I did drink some rum and spit on the ground that would soon hold him, which turned out to be the sea, whatever. Whether a live capture and trial would have been preferable; well it was simply never going to happen. How could this man have thrown his hands up and surrendered after sending so many deluded young mooks to gloriously die? He took what he himself knew was his only option. He was a true believer in what he preached.

And what he preached was quite simply treason. You might remember the dustup over JW Lindh, the 'American Taliban' in the days just after 9/11. People were demanding his death, his rape, his torture, fuck all of them. Me I'm a lefty who cares very little for sacred national loyalties and the betrayal of them. Bin Laden on the other hand was a real traitor, a man who declared the comforts and pleasures of modern civilization to be absolute evil, who insisted that beliefs exist to violently seek dominance over each other and that men exist to die for their beliefs. Osama bin Laden was a traitor against humanity and against life. This fraudulent revolutionary, this silver-spoon hypocrite, was a traitor against all oppressed people who have faced their stunted lives with hope and courage, seeking pools of happiness where they could and resisting to the end the urge to give into despair and murderous rage. And those Arabs in Libya and Syria who now risking their lives for the sake of living should be glad that they have been deburdened of this false prophet of death, stagnation, and the only flavor of damnable treason worthy of the name.

I'm not a big believer in victory. I'm much to cynical to think that winning is any evidence of virtue. But I do know true, moral, meaningful victory when I see it, and this is it. A victory for civilization sure, not to be grand. More importantly a victory for modernity, happiness, fun, a victory for gleeful decadence, for sex with strangers, drunken sing-alongs with strangers, for children playing chaotic games while their stuck-up parents fret that they're not learning the real value of winning. A victory of hearing about how your grandparents had to drive eight hours down a dirt road to town to see the latest pictures and, not being the slightest bit ashamed of your own comparative leisure, but fucking glad for it. A victory for life, and, in the broadest sense of the term, a victory for liberalism.

You've heard the phrase 'Sic semper tyrannis' right? You know, the state motto of Virginia, the thing that drama queen JW Booth said when he iced Lincoln. You've probably heard that it translates to English as 'death to tyrants' but that's not true. It actually translates as 'thus always to tyrants.' Not what should or must be done to them but what by course will happen to them.

So no, I do not celebrate the death of Bin Laden or any other man. But I will go so far as to say that those who believe that infantile games of dominance are magically dignified by blood shall spill their own, those who think that suffering-for-its own sake builds character shall suffer for their own characters, those who think life is lived for struggle shall fail their struggle to live. and those who preach the godliness of death shall quickly behold the face of their god.