Dé Máirt, Lúnasa 31, 2010

Im Not Going to Lie, I Miss the State Fair.

Come back Real American kitchenware, I always loved you so.

Dé Luain, Lúnasa 30, 2010

Future of America Hinges on Chemical Makeup of Projectiles

I mentioned in a post a few months ago that it seems to me that many in the gun and hunting communities actually seem to enjoy imagining themselves to be much more opposed than they actually are because they would rather be hated than accept the fact that they are generally ignored. The recent flap over the petition to the EPA to ban lead in bullets and fishing tackle would seem to be the ultimate proof of that.

The proposal was brought by several wildlife and environmental groups concerned by various studies showing that natural predators and scavengers were getting lead poisoning from eating creatures who had either survived human attack or been left with a bit of meat on their bones after being butchered. There are of course several other metals besides lead that bullets can be made out of. Ammo companies may or may not have been forced to raise the price of an individual bullet or shell by a penny or two. The proposed regulation would have added no noticeable burden to the lives of anyone, but would have only made the lives of various birds and coyotes a little healthier.

There are of course other perspectives, like this one from a Pennsylvania blog called 'Snowflakes in Hell'.

This is not about lead in the environment; it is about abolishing guns via removing the ability to shoot them. Either way, the results are identical. The gun-grabbers have more ploys than stars in the sky. When one fails to become law, they have are ready to propose another one to take its place. Four Supreme Court Justices recently voted against laws that would enable citizens to protect themselves against criminals who would invade homes, rape, rob and murder law-abiding residents, and to effectively scrap the 2nd Amendment. The only way to stop the hijacking of the country is to vote out those in Congress who pass laws such as those that restricting our rights to self-defense in the first place. It is a constant battle, and without the financial and legal support of the “evil” NRA, people would have to quickly learn how to barricade themselves in their homes. I can’t wait until November rolls around.

It's all very clear. Forcing ammo manufacturers to produce their wares with something other than lead would obviously make it impossible for people to own or fire guns because, well you see, bullets would be made out of copper or something now and, well all of those hundred-shell boxes I bought for two bucks a piece back in 89 would all be worthless now and... and.... because I said so hippie.

The petition was shot down over the weekend thanks to this sort of opposition. One could chalk it up as just another case of liberals knuckling under to the screams of bloody-minded idiots; but I for one am incapable of pretending to have one tenth of the passion on the matter that the professional hero/victims of the hunting community do, and I suspect this is a sentiment shared by many others on the left. It would have been better for the birds and such if the rule had gone into effect but mostly it seems very mundane.

Opponents of the idea 'won' this round because of the belief in their number that there is no such thing as mundanity. The True Man knows that absolutely every decision is a choice between good and evil, that any choice not presented as a way to fight for this or that sacred principle is illegitimate, and that finally any commitment to a good principle is hardly worth making unless this principle is under constant peril and in need of manly defending. Much of the pseudopopulist blather against bureaucracy in the right is based on precisely this attitude. People who have this attitude fascinate me. They are doomed to lifelong frustration in almost any human environment they find themselves in, because the sort of mundane and pragmatic decisions made by the EPA and other bureaucratic agencies are essential in any remotely organized society. The only life that such folk would ever truly be happy in is that of fourth world warlord; indulging in the glory of eternal life-and-death struggle while still enjoying the perks of modern technology back home at the fortified mansion.

The 'Snowflakes in Hell' commenter quoted above is yet another right-winger who believes his enemies to be too strong and too weak at the same time. He is both on the brink of losing everything he holds dear and on the verge of a smashing and absolute triumph at the ballot box. The reason he is able to believe such obvious nonsense is simply because he wants to. Who among us wouldn't love to feel like an invincible underdog, to have our egos fed with both power and pity at the same time? The fact that reason tells us that an invincible underdog is impossible means only that we would feel better by dumping reason and embracing struggle, will, and entitlement in its place.

Entitlement is also a big part of what is going on here. The pushiest voices in the guns-and hunting rights crowd are not satisfied with merely being allowed to shoot and hunt, but demand that society and all of its institutions acknowledge their superior virility, assume out of hand that their personal hobbies are perfectly good in every way. Any suggestion that there could be any negative effects even tangentially related to hunting is unacceptable. There is also the fact that wildlife groups, environmental groups, and the EPA all operate under the basic assumption that non-human creatures exist for reasons beyond being dominated by men, and for many people this assumption is intolerable madness.

Beyond all else though is a sense of proper masculinity so cartoonishly extreme as to make this crowd mentally ill. They convince themselves that their personal arsenals are the only thing preventing a Lovecraftian orgy of blood, rape, and free health care because they can conceive of no positive self image except that of Heroic Warrior. The problem here is that any society having any hope for stability, including our own, is built on the idea that heroic warriors should be made as unnecessary as possible; so that any place enjoying any degree of tranquility will always be too liberal for such people. Adhering to a Heroic warrior self image doesn't enhance virility but rather leads to the same sort of frustration and bitterness felt by an elderly parish priest.

And so the adherents of this ideal are in the end damned to stupidity; willing to swallow any bucket of goat spunk that allows them to believe that they are moments away from winning a fight that will never end.

Déardaoin, Lúnasa 26, 2010

Thoughts on the Champions League Draw

All of these teams have played each other at some point in the past five years, and a solid dozen of the last sixteen can be easily predicted. The 'World's Biggest Club Tournament", is too fucking big and too fucking long. There is no novelty, and no spontaneity, just a giant bureaucratic orgasm designed to shovel money to the elite clubs and keep them entrenched at the top forever.

I know that the ship has long sailed, but I say reduce the entire field to fifty six teams; the fifty two national champions, the previous year's finalists, and then the runners-up from the top two, three, or four leagues as needed to pad the field out. Sixteen teams, (likely the champions and runners-up from the top twelve leagues) get a bye to the second round, the champions of countries 13-36 start in the first round, and the winners of the sixteen smallest leagues play an extra preliminary round to start things off. Seed the clubs in five pots of eight teams each for the preliminary and first rounds, and than four pots of eight teams each for the second round. After the second round place the remaining sixteen teams into four groups of four (seeded 1-4 again) with only the group winners advancing to the semifinals. Knockout from there of course, (with the final over two-legs instead of the somewhat arbitrary single game on neutral ground) and since there can be no more than two teams from even the biggest countries playing each other they could be kept apart unless both make the final.

The number of games that a big-league team would have to play to win the Champions League would be twelve instead of the current thirteen. The biggest beneficiaries would be teams from middle to low-middle leagues like Poland or Sweden who would now have to play only one extra round instead of three. And hell, even with modern economics making the gap between big and small bigger than ever, I'm sure that the likes of Partizan or Zilina could beat a Real or an Inter over two legs once every six years or so, and it would be fucking wild when they do. And if the barrristas in Wicker Park wearing Barca or Man U jerseys don't like it then good, fuck em.

One could go on and on about the benefits, the return of the Cup Winners Cup, the return of teams you've heard of to the Europa whatthefuckever, an actual summer break to the club football season, but again I do realize that it's all a hopeless dream. So for now I turn my sporting attention to American games and wait for the possibility of something interesting happening in Europe to rise with the spring.

Dé Céadaoin, Lúnasa 25, 2010

My Advanced Global Personality Test Results

Extraversion |||| 16%
Stability |||||||||||||||| 70%
Orderliness |||||| 30%
Accommodation |||||||||||||||| 63%
Intellectual |||||||||||||||||||| 90%
Interdependence |||||||||||| 50%
Mystical |||||| 30%
Materialism || 10%
Narcissism |||||| 30%
Adventurousness |||||||||||||||| 70%
Work ethic |||||||||||||||| 70%
Conflict seeking || 10%
Need to dominate |||| 20%
Romantic |||||| 30%
Avoidant |||||||||||||||||| 80%
Anti-authority |||||||||||||||||||| 90%
Wealth |||| 20%
Dependency |||||||||||| 50%
Change averse |||||| 30%
Cautiousness |||||| 30%
Individuality |||||||||||||||||| 80%
Sexuality |||||| 30%
Peter pan complex |||||| 30%
Histrionic || 10%
Vanity |||| 20%
Artistic |||||||||||||||||||| 90%
Hedonism |||||||||||||||| 70%
Physical fitness |||||||||||||||| 70%
Religious || 10%
Paranoia |||||||||||| 50%
Hypersensitivity |||||||||||||||| 70%
Indie |||||||||||||||||||| 90%
(the hyperlinks above contain personality descriptions for each trait)

Stability results were high which suggests you are very relaxed, calm, secure, and optimistic..

Orderliness results were low which suggests you are overly flexible, improvised, and fun seeking at the expense too often of reliability, work ethic, and long term accomplishment.

Extraversion results were very low which suggests you are extremely reclusive, quiet, unassertive, and secretive.

trait snapshot:

secretive, reclusive, messy, disorganized, introverted, unassertive, rarely worries, dislikes large parties, does not like to fit in, does not need to control others, solitary, ambivalent about chaos, tough, leisurely, does not respect authority, not aggressive, observer, abstract, impractical, dislikes leadership, daydreamer, bizarre, does not make friends easily, not a perfectionist, suspicious, rarely irritated, strong physical instincts, unsympathetic at times, risk taker, submissive, weird, sarcastic, strange.

I think people who know me would agree that I answered all questions honestly.

Dé Luain, Lúnasa 23, 2010

The Latest on Cracked.com

"7 Famous Works of Art With Bizarre Mistakes You Can't Unsee"

And starting right away with number 7.

By the Cracked.com method of dating, the large Romanesque cross of Sand Damiano was made about four centuries before the events of Assassin's Creed 2. It is famous for being the cross that Saint Francis of Assisi prayed to before receiving his miraculous vision to reform the Roman Catholic Church.
Also, for inadvertently featuring a giant dong on the holiest figure in the Western world.

Ahem. Certainly amusing yes, but not at all inadvertent. What part of "ALL GOD and ALL MAN" does the author fail to understand anyway?

Also bear in mind that it is blasphemous to all mainstream branches of Christianity to suggest that Christ ever "defiled" himself, and so the 'dick-pack abs' motif developed as a way of showing what thirty+ years of untapped demigod lust would look like. Naturally you'd end up with a savior capable of literally defiling himself.

Do Depeche Mode or Type O Negative think that they discovered the similarities between desire for Christian salvation and desire for a man's body? I very highly doubt it. These were/are pretty cultured guys, and it's really very obvious.

Dé hAoine, Lúnasa 20, 2010

Predator: Crypto-Leftist Propaganda

"What’s the point of Predator’s stupid code of honor and only attacking the armed, when he is completely impervious to most of our weapons? It’s like taking pride in only beating women with acrylic nails or something"-Ruthless Reviews

Exactly as much point as there is in endowing Native Americans with superhuman strength and bravery a hundred years after slaughtering them in masse; none at all of course, except to serve the conquerers ego. It seems that Predators want to have it both ways just as humans do. Travel great distances to exploit a race who hasn't the slightest hope of fighting back against your weaponry and then convince yourself that it was a perfectly fair fight against savage superwarriors.

"War of the Worlds" was an anti-colonial fable you know. The Martians have superior technology after all, doesn't that prove that they're better than us and entitled to have the run of the place? And I think that 'Predator' is very much "WOTW"s spiritual sequal in a sea of inferior remakes. Notice how closely the American strike force's laughibly easy battle against Latin guerrillas mirrors their own helpless slaughter at the hands of the Predator. And then there's the Predator himself; what's up with those dreadlocks? Clearly the films eponymous villan was intended to be "The Other" made flesh. A shrieking jungle demon, a darkly humorous display of what any of the White Man's victims would actually be like if they were half as badass as we said they were after the fact.

I've always found Billy Sole's "Indian trackeer" role to be wincingly cliche, especially given the fact that he has an intrinsic understanding of 'the land' despite being Navajo in the film and so from a perfectly different landscape. His 'spiritual understanding' of his impending death before the Predator is also groaningly stupid, though now that I think about it perhaps not as much as before. Perhaps 'Chiefs' better grasp of the hopless situation has less to do with any contrived Native mysticism and more to do with cultural memory, old stories of what it was like to stand completely helpless before a ruthless alien force.

Another thing that seems not as silly as before is Schwarzeneggers' 'gone native' turn at the films climax. But of course Arnold can hardly be accused of going native when from a relative standpoint he already is one. His victory then can be more properly understood as the act of going guerrilla, or precisely the method by which various Western empires and their client states have been lade low in the past sixty five years. The Predator's petulant self-destruction and refusal to show this Native the slightest regard even after being defeated by him is very similar to American reactions towards setbacks in Vietnem, Afghanistan, Iraq, or any number of other third-world debacles; a sense that simply refusing to aknowledge our failures is enough to erase these failures from existense.

And so after Vietnam came a glut of 80's action movies in which White American supermen triumphed in one foreign jungle after another again and again. On the surface it would seem that 'Predator' is nothing more than another tired brick in this wall of cinematic denialism. But I am convinced now that the movie is actually a subversive masterpiece, camoflauged into the cultural landscape as perfectly as its namesake villan blends into the jungle.

Dé Céadaoin, Lúnasa 18, 2010

Hairspray Woman: She Calls Herself the "Chrisma Woman" and she's been Stuck on this "Cell Phone Subliminal" Thing Lately


In a block long building on 18th and O street was a medical building. Within weeks all the physicians were self inflicted and passed away. A Chinese woman moved in to practice medicine. The newspapers publicized everything except how the physicians passed away.
The physicians in their homes heard a voice from their cell phone and computers to do away with themselves and they did.
Throw out your cell phone, TV and computer. The electrical machines are made in China and have sub-liminals in them. Put jelly on one ear for the other kind of awful voices.


How did you figure out cell phones, TVs and computers have subliminals?
Americans were making grave mistakes. A Nobel prize American economist was saying our economy was getting worse and gave no answers when his book had many.
A phrase “a throw away neighborhood” was said by a civic leader when only the Chinese say that statement.
A forgery document sug-gesting it was the consti-tution extolled to “self in-flict” Americans and is still on a website under “U.S. Constitution” with the wrong date.
A Moslem foreigner headed
the Federal Communications Commission to try to have all health records electronic and centralized to go to Wash-ington DC. Nobody needs health records to go a thou-sand miles away. He was putting in “Yes” next to the word advance directives so Americans could be exter-minated.
What else did the Moslem foreigner do wrong? Federal Communications Commis-sion was not checking our imports to see if we had subliminals.
Take the battery out of your cell phone and listen for a tiny wrerr wrerr sound. All cell phones that we have found have subliminals. Throw them away.


Get the welfare mom to work as a tutor in grade schools. She will be proud of herself in her interest in improving children’s minds.
It is not an expensive program. She receives her check like any other but it is a welfare check. The kids can appreciate the attention with a smile and better grades.


Volunteers working in a homeless shelter should be the homeless themselves and not outsiders. Even if a homeless person receives a dollar a day for wiping the table they are industrious and thinking more about the work they will do.
Homeless need lockers so
their items don’t get stolen.
Christ centered shelters help with an array of classes and bible studies. A van that goes to a clinic, dentist and optician can lift the homeless to better mental and physical health so they leave sooner with work.
State art councils can let artists give workshops where the participants after the class take with them tools to make sellable crafts.
Homeless can have direc-tions to a employment agency even on the sidewalk if nearby.
Homeless in the day can go to farmers market that agrees to have vendors also. Free licenses for vending can improve chances of employ-ment March to October.
A man with a sign “willing to work” gets picked up immediately. A college edu-cated women goes to clean house for a week before she gets a higher esteeming job the next week. A man flips pan cakes for passer bys.
Brownies and lemon aide are a tasty treat for visitors next to the fruit stand. One man invites another to pick an-tiques out of a landfill site.
A math whiz with two years of college puts up a sign as a tutor. An older man in a wheel chair does tax forms on the spot. Puppets give a show for kids each day.
The city supplies plug ins for food vendors and American computers. Low fallutin entrepreneurs do all the rest.
Homeless shelters are not listed in the phone books. Let’s get signs up right away!

Dé Máirt, Lúnasa 17, 2010

Whoever Wrote the Wikipedia Synopsis for "Gin and Juice" , Thank You you Beautiful Soul

"The song begins with a sound effect of a human urinating[3], followed by an interlude in which an unknown male is speaking, denouncing one of his associates for either committing mater-sodomy in the immediate vicinity or for having bad breath, it remains unclear which. The unknown male requests some bubblegum, presumably to remedy the situation.

We are then introduced to the narrator, Snoop Dogg, as he discusses the exigencies of his life; his hometown of Long Beach, California, is very dramatic. He finds the will to create his unique musical style amidst all this drama, and does so daily. He then entreats the listener (affectionately called a “g”) to enjoy his tale in said musical style.

Mr. Dogg's tale starts at 2 am in his home, where a party has been taking place and is continuing late into the night, because his mother is away. Women are copulating in his living room, presumably in a lesbian fashion, and intend to do so until 6 am, when they will leave. Mr. Dogg and his associates decide to join the sapphic women. Ever-prepared, they pull condoms out of their pockets before turning off the lights and shutting the doors behind them.

After making it clear that his regard for the females does not involve love, Snoop Dogg and his associates decide that the use of one ounce of marijuana would be a fitting tribute to the act and his regard of the situation and the women. Rather than go into details of what is taking place behind closed doors, he tells the listeners (affectionately called “motherfuckas”) to reminisce of revelry in general, preferably while bouncing.

The said revelry consists of the chorus line and the subject of the song title: cruising down the street, smoking marijuana, and sipping on gin and an unnamed juice. The unnamed juice is likely of citrus origin, though the properties of gin are agreeable to all fruit juices. It is possible that the previous scene, and the upcoming scenes, are projected memories of the narrators told in the present tense. Mr. Dogg then attempts a chiasmus about his constant preoccupation with pecuniary matters.

In another memory, Snoop Dogg has procured a bottle of Seagrams brand gin, and is intent on consuming it himself, but his associates have worked up a thirst as well. They present their empty cups for Mr. Dogg to fill, but have not offered any payment for the alcohol. Mr. Dogg is angry at the prospect of sharing his alcoholic beverage without consideration, as these requests happen all too often. He acknowledges their requests, but reminds them that his needs come first.

Mr. Dogg quickly diffuses the situation by reminding the listener that he is very good at cultivating music that captivates his listeners. He wants to know, “Who listens to the words that I speak?” This is most likely a rhetorical question. We do not learn if he ever does share the Seagrams.

Mr. Dogg leaves the party with his beverage to the middle of the street, presumably because his house party has grown beyond the bounds of his yard. He meets a young lady named Sadie who had previously dated one of his associates. He flirts with the young lady, but does not expect physical contact because the weather has remained a sultry 80 degrees Fahrenheit. As she initiates physical contact with his testicles, the heat becomes too much. Snoop tells Sadie to get off of his scrotum and informs her she will not get further contact with that part of him. He says “at ease”, likely to calm down Sadie, but also in an attempt to relax all involved. Mr. Dogg then runs off to engage in an act of mobbing with his associates (affectionately called the “Dogg Pound”) in order to cool off and feel a breeze. He urges all to do the same.

We return to the chorus narration, where Snoop Dogg continues to consume marijuana and gin and juice while cruising in a vehicle. He is still concerned about his financial situation, stated in an identical chiastic manner.

The narrator then recalls a memory that happened later in the same day[4], presumably at the house party. His friend, Dr. Dre[5], pays Mr. Dogg a visit, presenting him with several bottles of Tanqueray brand gin and a very well-endowed joint of marijuana. The marijuana is of a strength colloquially described as lethal, as he cleverly alludes to through a reference to the bubonic plague[6]. The combination of drugs proves too intoxicating for Mr. Dogg, and he is forced to imbibe less vivaciously, but he refuses to stop altogether. Dr. Dre then introduces Mr. Dogg to some women who he has brought from a neighboring city in Los Angeles. Snoop Dogg makes his intents to bed (or cot) the women clear, but warns them beforehand that he does not intend to make them climax nor stay with them after copulation has occurred, because he does not love them. Women whom he does not love he refers to as “hoes”, the origin of which is unclear, but is in no way related to the garden tool.

The song ends with a repetition of the chorus one more time, where some spontaneous words are uttered after the title verse (a slang word phonetically spelled BEE-OTCH). Mr Dogg's mental preoccupation with money matters is restated multiple times."

All Hail Justice A6381H2

Tim Wildman of the American Family Association recently wrote a piece for the LA Times op-ed page regarding the overturning of prop 8. Among the list of perfectly solid pseudo-populist claims is the following passage..

This judge believes that defining a person by sexual behavior is the same as defining a person by skin color. And given the fact that he is widely reported to be homosexual, it is obvious he believed this before the case was even brought to his courtroom. Walker should have recused himself, but he had a legal and political statement he wanted to make.

It certainly is shocking that a judge of the law would be so arrogant as to make a legal statement, but unfortunately this is a problem that goes far beyond this particular case. Of more immediate concern is the fact that Judge Walker is 'widely reported to be homosexual.' Dear God, but this isn't even the tip of the iceberg! The horrible truth is that throughout history there have been thousands of rulings regarding sex and marriage laws made by thousands of different judges, and every single one of these judges have been biased by the fact that they themselves had sexuality. Surely any fair-minded person would be outraged by this fact.

And I'm afraid that this problem requires nothing less than the most radical solution possible. If we are not willing to eliminate all sex laws completely than we must accept that they continue to be enforced only through institutions existing beyond the nation-state, and indeed beyond the human race.

I therefore call upon the International Court of Justice at the Hague to formally invite this fellow, The Honorable A6381H2, self-replicating Amoeba, to preside as sole arbiter for all legal questions regarding sex, marriage, and family law for the entire human species.

I can assure you that Mr./Ms. A6381H2 is most eminently qualified for the position, having gained super intelligence from an industrial accident on Lake Baikal and from there earning doctorates in both international law and world religion at the University of Moscow. In addition Mr./Ms. A6381H2 is fluent in twenty of the most commonly spoken human languages and is an excellent tennis player.

It is true that such an action would effectively make Mr./Ms. A6381H2, (or any other hyperintelligent single-celled asexual being) the most powerful living entity to ever exist. I can see how this would be a cause of concern to many, especially those who are already suspicious of multi-national institutions. But when you consider that the podunk county judge signing your marriage certificate may have very well had sex last night, or at the very least was up late writing slash fiction involving Betty Rizzo and Elizabeth Bennet, we simply have no other choice.

Dé Luain, Lúnasa 16, 2010

Tales From North Platte

Saturday was my last day back home for my grandmother's funeral. That night I had arranged to meet two cousins of mine at a downtown bar called 'The Den' for a rolling clam bake through town. I arrived at the bar about ten minutes before they did and passed the time with a bottle of beer.

At the other end of the bar was a woman in her early twenties, 5-8, black haired, brown skinned, thin yet still perfectly soft and shapely, gorgeous. Misty was her name, she said hello and we struck up a pleasant conversation. When my cousins arrived I told her I would love to see her later that night and she said o.k. maybe. We exchanged numbers and I made my way out the door.

I told my cousins about her and they said we should go back and bring her along. I agreed that this was a fine idea. So we pulled back into the bar parking lot and I walked back up to the bar to talk to her. I said that I had left to smoke a joint with my cousins and she was now invited. Misty was slightly hesitant, saying that some other fellow had said he would buy her a drink, but then she said okay, that it would be better if she left anyway since her ex-boyfriend was right across the room.

I suppose I should have asked if she had a boyfriend but this question always seems to escape me. I was perturbed but only slightly; because what the hell is an ex-boyfriend anyway? As we stepped outside into a parking lot I felt a foot scrape against the back of my legs. I turned around to see a short brown guy with arms out and fists clenched.

"Fucking Wasichu with a little dick" he said; pride compels me to insist that this is only half true. At any rate though this was far more trouble than I had had any intention of getting into. I was simply looking for whatever level of good company I could find. I would soon enough be back in a town big enough for ex-lovers to keep themselves the hell out of the same bar, and it never occurred to me to do anything but to get myself the hell out of this nonsense. I backed away from the ex-boyfriend with an eye for any furtive movement, got into the backseat of my cousins car, and told him to go, now.

After I explained to the relatives what had happen my male cousin; a former construction worker who measures at about 6-5 and 250 pounds, said that I should have summoned him out of the car, and that 'he would have taken care of it. I told him that thank you but no, to which he expressed exacerbation. Without asking he picked up his phone and called a friend of his named Greg, a man known for being more or less a professional drunken fighter, and asked if he would like to have a pitcher of beer with us at the Den, and that by the way his cousin Josh was being hassled.

"What the fuck are you doing?" I asked.
"Just chill Josh I got this" he said.
"No you don't. I'm not having any trouble. I'm not having any legal complications in this town on the night before I leave, and I have no fucking interest in paganistically claiming a woman through violence."
"That's what women want Josh."
"Right. Well man, I know that there are some women who are attracted to that, but they tend to be just as fucked up as the guys they get with you know? I mean they're really not worth having."

At this my cousin and his wife both turned to me with deeply offended looks. "What the fuck does that mean Josh?" They asked.
"Oh, nothing I guess." I said.

To call this an epiphany would be too much. Still it was a jarring reminder. I come from a culture and a family where a man who thinks that the trouble with fighting is not the risk of being beaten but the fight itself is considered terribly strange, at best.

A few minutes passed before we happened to roll back past The Den. There were four cop cars in a lot covered with broken glass. The police had gathered six or seven men into a huddle shouting angrily amongst themselves and at the cops. The jealous Native boy was in the front of all of this trying to spasm his way out of a pair of handcuffs.

"See Josh, you just needed to wait half an hour" my cousin said as he laughed.

I never did get back in touch with Misty. Beautiful woman, like I said. Writing all this down reminds me of just how beautiful she was.

Dé Céadaoin, Lúnasa 11, 2010

Shirley Milbrodt Beran

My last grandparent died Sunday night at the age of 83. Several years ago, when she and grandpa both started their decline, she predicted that she would outlive him by about six months, and this turned out to be so.

The photos of Grandma in her twenties show a woman who looks freakishly similar to my mother at the same age. All her life she had the same mischievous smile when she was happy. Always quite thin and, even when young, quite pale, a neutral observer of the time may of been surprised that she was able to birth five kids safely.

I once heard my Aunt Sue said that Grandma 'married late'. She was 24. Right then. She smoked a brand that doesn't exist anymore until she was fortysomething, by which point her hair was already going white, and by fifty she was just the most imposssibly perfect cartoon of a Grandmother. I love her very much.

Dé Luain, Lúnasa 09, 2010

Mosques and the People who Love to Hate Them: Part 2.

"'As a mother and a grandmother, I worry,' Ms. Serafin said. 'I learned that in 20 years with the rate of the birth population, we will be overtaken by Islam, and their goal is to get people in Congress and the Supreme Court to see that Shariah is implemented. My children and grandchildren will have to live under that.' '“I do believe everybody has a right to freedom of religion,' she said. 'But Islam is not about a religion. It’s a political government, and it’s 100 percent against our Constitution.' NYT-8/9/10

But even as the mayor called for the mosque to be embraced, those opposed to the project pledged to aggressively fight it, using both litigation and public pressure. A prominent Republican and foreign policy analyst said he was working with business, civic and political leaders to organize a campaign to persuade architects, contractors and donors to steer clear of the project. He said they would also aggressively scrutinize any donors who supported it.

The Republican, Daniel Senor, a former high-ranking official with the coalition government in Iraq, said that anybody who works with the center “needs to know there is going to be a real stigma associated with this project.”

“Do they really want to be involved with something so detrimental, that might set New York back?” he asked.
NYT: 8/3/10

Projection", wagged some poster in a FARK.com thread on this matter yesterday.

And indeed, the modern Republican party sells itself on the promise that conservatism is not just a general tendency of tendency of thought, but the means of combining all truth; physical, moral, religious and philosophical, into an objective concrete whole. It goes without saying that there can be no honest disagreement with any part of this unified truth, it is only embraced in whole by the worthy or rejected in whole by the damned.

Further it is taken as a given that for anything to physically exist is necessarily to battle for supremacy over other things of the same kind. It is understood that all belief systems exist primarily as pretexts for seeking temporal dominance, a dominance which rightfully belongs only to those who have embraced the real truth of American conservatism.

(In that vein, this Daniel Senors veiled threat of extortion is about as vile and bilious as it gets.)

This basic mindset certainly can and certainly has been just as easily embraced by Muslim supremacists, Leftist revolutionaries, or any degree of neo anti disotata you could think of. There are many complex reasons for why fanatical, absolutist appeals to this or that person. For the purpose of this post let us state simply that there are emotional comforts to be had in convincing oneself that we are here mainly to fight each other. There is relief to be had in putting death into a human form that can be fought back against, and maybe even the promise of a bastard immortality for those who fight and hate and believe enough.

Even George W. Bush warned against picking a fight with Islam as a whole; obviously such a fight would be catastrophic for everyone involved. But what those pundits and editorializers who mildly scold the bigots about the dangers of causing a rift with the Muslim world or whatever is that this is exactly what they want. A grandiose, furiously burning, Olympian, apocalyptic 'Clash of Civilizations' is precisely what they want. And as "their" country and "their" civilization grows ever more pluralistic and leaves them ever further behind, they are only going to want it more and more.

They will never have the cosmic triumph they were promised. They will never be the demi-warriors they were taught they had to be and assure that they were. Those of us who do not share their sickness can pity them, otherwise there is little else to do but dismiss them as the fascist brats they are.

Dé Domhnaigh, Lúnasa 08, 2010

Mosques and the People who Love to Hate Them.

“Survivors of the Holocaust are entitled to feelings that are irrational,” he said. Referring to the loved ones of Sept. 11 victims, he said, “Their anguish entitles them to positions that others would categorize as irrational or bigoted.” -Abraham Foxman, Anti-Defamation League, quoted in NYT 7/3010

Foxman made this statement in regards to the ADL joining the opposition to a mosque being built several blocks away from ground zero in lower Manhattan. To understand how an organization which since 9/11 has made many brave stands against creeping Islamophobia and general xenophobia one need only read the line 'entitled to feelings that are irrational.'

Now it's certainly true that bigotry as reaction to outside attack is the easiest kind to understand. If someone noticeably different from you commits some horrible act then of course there is great comfort in convincing yourself that the thing that makes them different is the reason for why they did it, and that more importantly your own difference from them means you need never doubt your own immunity from committing such evil. So the sad truth is that suffering through an outside attack can make good-willed people not generally prone to bigotry suddenly succumb to it.

This is easy to understand, but still bullshit; adhering to a prejudice that is understandable is certainly not the same thing as being entitled to it.

Now for those who had been prone to bigotry before it can be pretty well assured that any sort of outside attack will produce a strutting told-you-so paternalism among them. In the North Platte Telegraph last winter there was one among its stable of lunatic screechers who admitted to being glad for 9/11. The far right considers the WTC attacks as indisputable proof that their eternal-struggle view of the world was the correct one. 'Different peoples exist for the purpose of attempting to impose their wills on each other, and not one of them has any right to do so except for us. For we are the worthies, we are the people, the only people on Earth who exist for our own sakes. Everyone else exists only out of reaction against us,(Note how there are still those who use 9/11 as reason to restrict Latin immigration and their actions are nothing more than acts of behavior born out of fearing us or acts of misbehavior born of not fearing us. Let all those who speak the absurd lie of peace now see what happens when they don't fear us."

Keep in mind that the circle of 'us' may be tightened or expanded as needed for whatever the argument of the monument demands. Since the worthies are, after all, destined to total victory in a struggle that is destined to never end, it goes without saying that this involves a great deal of slapping reality around. The Germans and French will at some times be included in the circle as part of 'The West', and at other times be cast out of it as socialist faggots. The residents of the cities where the 9/11 attacks actually occurred can be accepted in the circle as sacred victims for who the worthies pledge to extract revenge, and at other times be excluded as, well, socialist faggots.

What it basically comes down to is a desire to keep the circle of us as small as possible, because where's the honor in being worthy unless almost nobody else is? And yet the Worthies' claim to dominion is based on a stated commitment to protect what they seek to dominate; And so they must occasionally express devotion towards Coastal American and Western European cities while at the same time obviously hating these places and the modern cosmopolitanism that the they represent. So beyond the basic core of White American Christian Conservatives it's never at all clear just who does constitute us but that's not important. It will all work out in the end as long as it is perfectly clear who they are.

And on this point let us be clear indeed. Hatred of Muslims is the greatest sacrament among those Americans who hate religiously, and will remain so until such time as we are attacked by roving gangs of Neo-Odinic Icelanders or proto-Marxist Argentines. The last serious foreign attack, whether it happened yesterday or a century ago, will to the Worthies forever be the ultimate proof that we are doomed to slaughter without their control.

Let it be understood that a refusal to allow the Lower Manhattan Mosque, in addition to violating the Constitution, would fail in it's intended purpose of soothing the worries of normally tolerant people who have been shocked out of their senses for however long by the attacks. The general public's suspicion of Islam-in-general will fade over time, just as suspicion towards the Germans and Japanese did. And Preventing the mosque would only give fading Islamophobia a fresh breath of life through official sanction.

Worse yet would be the message that such an action would send to those Worthies who lust for eternal apocalypse, against either Islam or whoever else is available. Note how opponents of the mosque describe it's building as an act of 'conquest' by Islam as a whole and plead with officials to not 'submit'. Absolutely every human action is an act of either dominance or submission to these sick minds, and they have invented this controversy out of thin air for the express purpose of showing that, lost elections be damned, they are still the rightful owners of American culture.

The American Right has recently gotten very busy abusing this or that brown minority as a means of regaining political power, and it is to our shame that this seems to be at some level working. Still it towards them that we should be careful of showing no signs of surrender towards, for they have been threatening our liberty far more than any Al-Quida bird brain for some time now.

A bit more on that in the next post .

Dé hAoine, Lúnasa 06, 2010

Actual Headline on Soccernet.com

"Tottenham get Young Boys"

Here's the corresponding photo:

And here's a quote from the comments section:

This was the best thing we could have hoped for!!!!! To top it all off we get the second leg at home!!!! I dont want to count my chickens before they hatch but..... hell, even i got a lil woody when i saw the draw!

Déardaoin, Lúnasa 05, 2010

Dr. Kevin Pezzi: Behold the Ubermench Comith

Dr. Kevin Pezzi can cure cancer.

Dr. Kevin Pezzi is better at math than Bill Gates. http://www.lose-weight-easily.net/dr_pezzi.htm

Dr. Kevin Pezzi has made his own penis grow "bigger than some porno stars" through sheer force of will. http://www.sexualtips.net/ae.htm

Dr Kevin Pezzi will tighten your vagina.

"Sweeping problems under the rug may be good for magazines, but not for their readers. In recent years, we've seen some major strides in frank discussions of male problems such as impotence (you've never seen a Viagra ad, have you?), but imagine that there was a drug that tightened the vagina. Would we ever see this advertised? Would we ever see female sports stars with loose vaginas become spokeswomen for the drug? Never in a million years! So why doesn't anyone bat an eye when sports stars or washed-up politicians with impotence become spokesmen for Viagra?"
-The Pez.

"You could spend the rest of your life reading about sex in books and on various websites, and you still wouldn't know half of what I do."

Amen he is God.

Prop 8

Thank you Judge Walker, for being so shockingly activist as to read the equal-protection clause of the Constitution literally. The news from San Francisco is especially heartening in light of our own little bush-league rat of a governor out race-baiting again.

Freedom is not a zero-sum game but rather exactly the opposite. It is impossible to have freedom for yourself without allowing it for everyone else. Those who would rather have a feeling of superiority than freedom are traitors who have always lost out in the end and forever shall.

Love, freedom, and justice. We are winning. We will win.

Dé Máirt, Lúnasa 03, 2010

Hairspray Woman Vs. Micheal Moriarty Mashup

One is a deranged vagrant toiling in Nebraskan obscurity, the other is a former "Law & Order" Star who is now a paid and published writer for Andrew Brietbart. See if you can tell who wrote what.

We must just respond to this Communist Collective and its Dictator with another form of C.C.: the Christian Collective.

Do not fool yourselves: Communism is a faith, a Devil-worshipping religion!

Communist tyranny, coupled with its own version of Gestapo, Islamic Jihadists, are intent upon not merely the “fundamental transformation of the United States” but the utter and compete destruction of the Judeo-Christian Civilization.

A spirit is walking the American land and it is not Communist, nor Jihadist.

It is profoundly Judeo-Christian, and, with 5,000 years of its existence, this spirit will inevitably triumph.

After waiting until the Progressive Jihadists are fully assembled and as cocksure as Adolph Hitler in Paris, the Judeo-Christian Spirit, “under God,” will not only walk the land, but, piece by piece, disassemble every single creation of the Progressive Movement.

"AMSTERDAM'S HEALTH OFFICIALS EXTERMINATE thousands of Netherlanders in hospitals for not using drugs without advance directive papers. The Fist of the Obama Nation will be closing around America. Undeniably miraculous that a child, like a female, singing, Biblical David, should arrive with that much inborn courage, wisdom and sensitivity!
Obama's feds do the same.
Such miracles in gestation are being treated as utterly irrelevant. The inhumanity of The Progressive’s Progress marches blindly forward to end the essence of the Judeo-Christian Civilization, and, I might add, God’s angels on Earth.
their head. In 1624 when the last of the Moslems left Europe there were no more
burning of women. The 19 Moslems that crashed into two building at 9/11 had a
Moslem voice in each of their heads. After listening to my daily diet of Glenn Beck, I reluctantly realize that all of his leadership power and skill will lead to ruin if he doesn’t prioritize the overturning of Roe v. Wade. In the 8th century when the Moors went into Spain a nice Saint Oriaf brought those afflicted with voices into a church and they got well. The Obama Nation’s vengeful enslavement of traditional America, as payback for slavery, is purely the Devil’s doing. Like Job, America’s patience will be sorely tested.
In the case of this Third Millennium Job, traditional America, God will not order Evil to cease and desist until America sees its greatest sin!
One even greater than that of slavery.
The legalized murder of abortion.
The Roe v Wade Holocaust.
At a modest estimate, 50 million, gestating human beings have been butchered by Roe v Wade.
Don't go to a psych unit if you hear voices; With such inner deterioration, the Obama Nation will collapse in agonizing defeat before the miraculously powerful strains of a 7 year-old child, a young, female, Biblical David now known as Rhema Marvanne.As she sings: they might exterminate you. Use hair spray. Wear a rosary on head, neck and undies and stay in church. Since when did God ever bless Cain for slaying Abel?
Oh, the Devil loves Cain, and Mankind is no match for the Devil.
God is.
God won’t really help us until Roe v Wade is overturned, if only in one of America’s states.
It is in that rage of the Obama Nation that God will work His miracles and turn former Progressives into Americans again. Use yogurt as lotion, scalp and meals, garlic on the body, honey on head, Listerine in mouth and spray. Put white crosses on entryway of rooms and buildings and on forehead, top of a page and with your name in it as they did in 999 AD. It really helps.
lease listen to this seven-year-old!
“It felt great,” Rhema Marvanne, said about making her theatrical debut. “It felt like God is really proud of me and he’s smiling right at me.”
She has that right, along with what appears to be everything else in her soul.
Does God send His divinities when we need them most?
Does he send us other symbols of His Amazing Love?
Who, what and where they are is up to you.
What we are facing in terms of Evil, however, demands that we collect around these divinely gifted souls, worship with them and listen to God’s Will for us.
A Spirit of Evil is not only moving across the land, but owns the very halls of power we are most vulnerable to.
It is an Evil so great that only God knows what to do with it.
Ahab and Jezebel and their 21st Century counterparts, the Clintons and the Obamas, have ruled American infanticide for two decades. They intend to expand the use of death as a solution to the “problems” and “challenges” of a Progressive New World Order.
Because the United States has resigned itself to legalized abortion and the Supreme Court’s Roe v Wade decision for 37 years, the Progressive Disease that now possesses the land will not be stopped.
God will not lift a finger to delay the progress of the Progressives as long as Americans refuse to call abortion for what it is: cold-blooded murder.
How many Rhema Marvanne’s have been butchered by Roe v. Wade?!
How many angels has God sent that we have aborted?
Is there anything planned by The Progressives that could surpass in importance the living witness to God embodied by this 7 year old prodigy?
Man as God, holding God’s power over life and death.
Which man or woman on earth then can claim to be the will of God?
The Communist Collective and its ever-obligatory dictator!
The Progressive Disease will collapse from within.
It is a lie.
The grandest lie that ever sought to own and run the human race is the Progressive New World Order!
It actually dwarfs the endless lies of Hitler, Stalin and Mao.
The depth of its treasonous hypocrisy.
Posing as not only Christians but, if you can believe it, Catholics as well, the Clintons, the Obamas and the Pelosi/Bidens are selling their tyranny as a Christian liberation.
I cannot think of a greater display of heretical arrogance than Nancy Pelosi demanding an audience with the Pope.
To watch her listen to Benedict XVI and his lecture to her on the cardinal sin of abortion and yet to have her maintain that increasingly infuriating smile on her lying lips?
Then to watch her carry that smile through a gathering of Tea Party protestors and have her African American, Fellow Progressives also lie about what was said at that protest?
Treasonous hypocrisy!
Can you conceive of a more horrifying combination of sins?
Sin, however, is not anything the Progressive Movement recognizes.
The only sin for the PM and the Obama Nation is any opposition to their Progressive ambitions.
The intensity of the battle between Arizona and the Obama Nation is a prelude and warm-up for the rage that the Obama Nation will feel when one state defies Roe v Wade and categorically defines murder by abortion as illegal.
Without God’s help, the Tea Party, 9/12ers and Fox News will face one infuriating defeat after another.
I don’t believe God will be there to defeat the Progressive New World Order unless Americans realize that their resigned acceptance of Roe v Wade, their look-the-other-way attitude, is a revelation of their real priorities: their impassioned commitments to personal income and personal freedom than to the sacredness of human life itself.
God, at least the Judeo-Christian Deity I know, hardly put Mammon before the baby Jesus.
Our Lord said, “As you do unto the little ones, so you do unto Me!”
As the Tea Party and 9/12ers roll toward their big day in Washington, D. C. on August 28th and collect their conglomerate power for what amounts to a counter-revolution in the face of what has now become of America: the Obama Nation?
Legislation, already passed by Congress – the Healthcare and Financial Regulation Bills – will be inflicting their increasingly invasive powers over the American people.
Only God and God alone can so weaken this worldwide Hand of Evil that the Fist of the Obama Nation will open and let the American people go.

I have nothing to say about all of this, except to add on a personal level that me and my family have always practiced the Congregationalist Reform version of Satanic Communist Islam, (We're the ones with the blue hats) and I do very much resent anyone who tries to lump us in with those heretics in the New English SCI. Dear old Granny Metastaphula Trotskyhid would surely drop dead if she heard such rot. For shame.


So, Bill Cosby Isn't Dead, Well That's Nice.

Anyway, this LP from back in 67 looks rather more avant-garde than I would expect from the guy.

Awhile back I read an excellent article from Ta-Nehisi Coates, describing how Cosby's recent turn as professional scold was basically Black nationalism stripped of the esoteric trappings of Garvey or Elijah Mohammad. And that White conservatives who praised Cosby for finally being a Black man willing to publicly speak truth to the Black community had basically no clue of what they were praising.

Just thought I'd mention.

Dé Luain, Lúnasa 02, 2010

Most Interesting

I've stumbled upon a wingnut blog with the following name, http://truthinconviction.us/weblog.php.

Yes, truth is what ever God's favored children want it to be, as long as they want it with manly 'conviction' ans aren't wishy-washy about it; and with all the back in forth about 'epistemic closure' on the right this is really nothing new at all. There's a legend about Joseph or Arimathea answering Pilate's question to Christ, "The truth is what I believe."

I think that it is a heart a very simple thing; those who feel the greatest sense of entitlement tend to be the same as those with the most provincial thought processes. To put it another way, it is common for a perceived right to control society to exist in the same brain as an inability to perceive a reality higher than one's own society. Once you put these two senses together it becomes very easy for one to start believing that he has the power to will truths in or out of existence.

Something else that I found interesting is the 9-11 'tribute' sitting in the forest of sidebar ads that right-wing sites tend to have. (Their beliefs can never be stated loudly or repetitively enough.) The viewer is among other things commanded to 'remember our resolve.'

This, children, is what is known as a 'thought terminating cliche'. It goes without saying that remembering resolve you felt in the past does nothing whatsoever to make you resolute now. And of course the assertion that 'resolve' is good in itself takes us back round to the main point of this post, which is that these people are fucking nuts and bad things happen when you give them a military to play with. But I suppose that's been obvious for some time.