Déardaoin, Lúnasa 05, 2010

Dr. Kevin Pezzi: Behold the Ubermench Comith

Dr. Kevin Pezzi can cure cancer.

Dr. Kevin Pezzi is better at math than Bill Gates. http://www.lose-weight-easily.net/dr_pezzi.htm

Dr. Kevin Pezzi has made his own penis grow "bigger than some porno stars" through sheer force of will. http://www.sexualtips.net/ae.htm

Dr Kevin Pezzi will tighten your vagina.

"Sweeping problems under the rug may be good for magazines, but not for their readers. In recent years, we've seen some major strides in frank discussions of male problems such as impotence (you've never seen a Viagra ad, have you?), but imagine that there was a drug that tightened the vagina. Would we ever see this advertised? Would we ever see female sports stars with loose vaginas become spokeswomen for the drug? Never in a million years! So why doesn't anyone bat an eye when sports stars or washed-up politicians with impotence become spokesmen for Viagra?"
-The Pez.

"You could spend the rest of your life reading about sex in books and on various websites, and you still wouldn't know half of what I do."

Amen he is God.

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