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Hairspray Woman Vs. Micheal Moriarty Mashup

One is a deranged vagrant toiling in Nebraskan obscurity, the other is a former "Law & Order" Star who is now a paid and published writer for Andrew Brietbart. See if you can tell who wrote what.

We must just respond to this Communist Collective and its Dictator with another form of C.C.: the Christian Collective.

Do not fool yourselves: Communism is a faith, a Devil-worshipping religion!

Communist tyranny, coupled with its own version of Gestapo, Islamic Jihadists, are intent upon not merely the “fundamental transformation of the United States” but the utter and compete destruction of the Judeo-Christian Civilization.

A spirit is walking the American land and it is not Communist, nor Jihadist.

It is profoundly Judeo-Christian, and, with 5,000 years of its existence, this spirit will inevitably triumph.

After waiting until the Progressive Jihadists are fully assembled and as cocksure as Adolph Hitler in Paris, the Judeo-Christian Spirit, “under God,” will not only walk the land, but, piece by piece, disassemble every single creation of the Progressive Movement.

"AMSTERDAM'S HEALTH OFFICIALS EXTERMINATE thousands of Netherlanders in hospitals for not using drugs without advance directive papers. The Fist of the Obama Nation will be closing around America. Undeniably miraculous that a child, like a female, singing, Biblical David, should arrive with that much inborn courage, wisdom and sensitivity!
Obama's feds do the same.
Such miracles in gestation are being treated as utterly irrelevant. The inhumanity of The Progressive’s Progress marches blindly forward to end the essence of the Judeo-Christian Civilization, and, I might add, God’s angels on Earth.
their head. In 1624 when the last of the Moslems left Europe there were no more
burning of women. The 19 Moslems that crashed into two building at 9/11 had a
Moslem voice in each of their heads. After listening to my daily diet of Glenn Beck, I reluctantly realize that all of his leadership power and skill will lead to ruin if he doesn’t prioritize the overturning of Roe v. Wade. In the 8th century when the Moors went into Spain a nice Saint Oriaf brought those afflicted with voices into a church and they got well. The Obama Nation’s vengeful enslavement of traditional America, as payback for slavery, is purely the Devil’s doing. Like Job, America’s patience will be sorely tested.
In the case of this Third Millennium Job, traditional America, God will not order Evil to cease and desist until America sees its greatest sin!
One even greater than that of slavery.
The legalized murder of abortion.
The Roe v Wade Holocaust.
At a modest estimate, 50 million, gestating human beings have been butchered by Roe v Wade.
Don't go to a psych unit if you hear voices; With such inner deterioration, the Obama Nation will collapse in agonizing defeat before the miraculously powerful strains of a 7 year-old child, a young, female, Biblical David now known as Rhema Marvanne.As she sings: they might exterminate you. Use hair spray. Wear a rosary on head, neck and undies and stay in church. Since when did God ever bless Cain for slaying Abel?
Oh, the Devil loves Cain, and Mankind is no match for the Devil.
God is.
God won’t really help us until Roe v Wade is overturned, if only in one of America’s states.
It is in that rage of the Obama Nation that God will work His miracles and turn former Progressives into Americans again. Use yogurt as lotion, scalp and meals, garlic on the body, honey on head, Listerine in mouth and spray. Put white crosses on entryway of rooms and buildings and on forehead, top of a page and with your name in it as they did in 999 AD. It really helps.
lease listen to this seven-year-old!
“It felt great,” Rhema Marvanne, said about making her theatrical debut. “It felt like God is really proud of me and he’s smiling right at me.”
She has that right, along with what appears to be everything else in her soul.
Does God send His divinities when we need them most?
Does he send us other symbols of His Amazing Love?
Who, what and where they are is up to you.
What we are facing in terms of Evil, however, demands that we collect around these divinely gifted souls, worship with them and listen to God’s Will for us.
A Spirit of Evil is not only moving across the land, but owns the very halls of power we are most vulnerable to.
It is an Evil so great that only God knows what to do with it.
Ahab and Jezebel and their 21st Century counterparts, the Clintons and the Obamas, have ruled American infanticide for two decades. They intend to expand the use of death as a solution to the “problems” and “challenges” of a Progressive New World Order.
Because the United States has resigned itself to legalized abortion and the Supreme Court’s Roe v Wade decision for 37 years, the Progressive Disease that now possesses the land will not be stopped.
God will not lift a finger to delay the progress of the Progressives as long as Americans refuse to call abortion for what it is: cold-blooded murder.
How many Rhema Marvanne’s have been butchered by Roe v. Wade?!
How many angels has God sent that we have aborted?
Is there anything planned by The Progressives that could surpass in importance the living witness to God embodied by this 7 year old prodigy?
Man as God, holding God’s power over life and death.
Which man or woman on earth then can claim to be the will of God?
The Communist Collective and its ever-obligatory dictator!
The Progressive Disease will collapse from within.
It is a lie.
The grandest lie that ever sought to own and run the human race is the Progressive New World Order!
It actually dwarfs the endless lies of Hitler, Stalin and Mao.
The depth of its treasonous hypocrisy.
Posing as not only Christians but, if you can believe it, Catholics as well, the Clintons, the Obamas and the Pelosi/Bidens are selling their tyranny as a Christian liberation.
I cannot think of a greater display of heretical arrogance than Nancy Pelosi demanding an audience with the Pope.
To watch her listen to Benedict XVI and his lecture to her on the cardinal sin of abortion and yet to have her maintain that increasingly infuriating smile on her lying lips?
Then to watch her carry that smile through a gathering of Tea Party protestors and have her African American, Fellow Progressives also lie about what was said at that protest?
Treasonous hypocrisy!
Can you conceive of a more horrifying combination of sins?
Sin, however, is not anything the Progressive Movement recognizes.
The only sin for the PM and the Obama Nation is any opposition to their Progressive ambitions.
The intensity of the battle between Arizona and the Obama Nation is a prelude and warm-up for the rage that the Obama Nation will feel when one state defies Roe v Wade and categorically defines murder by abortion as illegal.
Without God’s help, the Tea Party, 9/12ers and Fox News will face one infuriating defeat after another.
I don’t believe God will be there to defeat the Progressive New World Order unless Americans realize that their resigned acceptance of Roe v Wade, their look-the-other-way attitude, is a revelation of their real priorities: their impassioned commitments to personal income and personal freedom than to the sacredness of human life itself.
God, at least the Judeo-Christian Deity I know, hardly put Mammon before the baby Jesus.
Our Lord said, “As you do unto the little ones, so you do unto Me!”
As the Tea Party and 9/12ers roll toward their big day in Washington, D. C. on August 28th and collect their conglomerate power for what amounts to a counter-revolution in the face of what has now become of America: the Obama Nation?
Legislation, already passed by Congress – the Healthcare and Financial Regulation Bills – will be inflicting their increasingly invasive powers over the American people.
Only God and God alone can so weaken this worldwide Hand of Evil that the Fist of the Obama Nation will open and let the American people go.

I have nothing to say about all of this, except to add on a personal level that me and my family have always practiced the Congregationalist Reform version of Satanic Communist Islam, (We're the ones with the blue hats) and I do very much resent anyone who tries to lump us in with those heretics in the New English SCI. Dear old Granny Metastaphula Trotskyhid would surely drop dead if she heard such rot. For shame.


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