Dé Luain, Lúnasa 23, 2010

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"7 Famous Works of Art With Bizarre Mistakes You Can't Unsee"

And starting right away with number 7.

By the Cracked.com method of dating, the large Romanesque cross of Sand Damiano was made about four centuries before the events of Assassin's Creed 2. It is famous for being the cross that Saint Francis of Assisi prayed to before receiving his miraculous vision to reform the Roman Catholic Church.
Also, for inadvertently featuring a giant dong on the holiest figure in the Western world.

Ahem. Certainly amusing yes, but not at all inadvertent. What part of "ALL GOD and ALL MAN" does the author fail to understand anyway?

Also bear in mind that it is blasphemous to all mainstream branches of Christianity to suggest that Christ ever "defiled" himself, and so the 'dick-pack abs' motif developed as a way of showing what thirty+ years of untapped demigod lust would look like. Naturally you'd end up with a savior capable of literally defiling himself.

Do Depeche Mode or Type O Negative think that they discovered the similarities between desire for Christian salvation and desire for a man's body? I very highly doubt it. These were/are pretty cultured guys, and it's really very obvious.

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