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Hairspray Woman: She Calls Herself the "Chrisma Woman" and she's been Stuck on this "Cell Phone Subliminal" Thing Lately


In a block long building on 18th and O street was a medical building. Within weeks all the physicians were self inflicted and passed away. A Chinese woman moved in to practice medicine. The newspapers publicized everything except how the physicians passed away.
The physicians in their homes heard a voice from their cell phone and computers to do away with themselves and they did.
Throw out your cell phone, TV and computer. The electrical machines are made in China and have sub-liminals in them. Put jelly on one ear for the other kind of awful voices.


How did you figure out cell phones, TVs and computers have subliminals?
Americans were making grave mistakes. A Nobel prize American economist was saying our economy was getting worse and gave no answers when his book had many.
A phrase “a throw away neighborhood” was said by a civic leader when only the Chinese say that statement.
A forgery document sug-gesting it was the consti-tution extolled to “self in-flict” Americans and is still on a website under “U.S. Constitution” with the wrong date.
A Moslem foreigner headed
the Federal Communications Commission to try to have all health records electronic and centralized to go to Wash-ington DC. Nobody needs health records to go a thou-sand miles away. He was putting in “Yes” next to the word advance directives so Americans could be exter-minated.
What else did the Moslem foreigner do wrong? Federal Communications Commis-sion was not checking our imports to see if we had subliminals.
Take the battery out of your cell phone and listen for a tiny wrerr wrerr sound. All cell phones that we have found have subliminals. Throw them away.


Get the welfare mom to work as a tutor in grade schools. She will be proud of herself in her interest in improving children’s minds.
It is not an expensive program. She receives her check like any other but it is a welfare check. The kids can appreciate the attention with a smile and better grades.


Volunteers working in a homeless shelter should be the homeless themselves and not outsiders. Even if a homeless person receives a dollar a day for wiping the table they are industrious and thinking more about the work they will do.
Homeless need lockers so
their items don’t get stolen.
Christ centered shelters help with an array of classes and bible studies. A van that goes to a clinic, dentist and optician can lift the homeless to better mental and physical health so they leave sooner with work.
State art councils can let artists give workshops where the participants after the class take with them tools to make sellable crafts.
Homeless can have direc-tions to a employment agency even on the sidewalk if nearby.
Homeless in the day can go to farmers market that agrees to have vendors also. Free licenses for vending can improve chances of employ-ment March to October.
A man with a sign “willing to work” gets picked up immediately. A college edu-cated women goes to clean house for a week before she gets a higher esteeming job the next week. A man flips pan cakes for passer bys.
Brownies and lemon aide are a tasty treat for visitors next to the fruit stand. One man invites another to pick an-tiques out of a landfill site.
A math whiz with two years of college puts up a sign as a tutor. An older man in a wheel chair does tax forms on the spot. Puppets give a show for kids each day.
The city supplies plug ins for food vendors and American computers. Low fallutin entrepreneurs do all the rest.
Homeless shelters are not listed in the phone books. Let’s get signs up right away!


Joshua Beran said...

Quick Note:

She's been getting busier lately. I've seen her fliers along O all the way out to 27th and even as far out as Antelope Park.

Also, this woman seems to be in her mid fifties, and her swirling fears of Muslims, Chinese, subliminal messages, genocidal bureaucrats, and psycholophobia provides a pretty comprehensive smorgasbord of American nonsense produced during her life. She would only need to add alien rape and fluoride to have all the basics covered.

Also there are two Korean undergrads across from me in the library right now, having a heart-to-heart talk and rubbing each others bare legs as a show of empathy. But I guess that's neither here or there.

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