Dé Máirt, Meán Fómhair 28, 2010

Shout Out:http://www.overcomingbias.com/2010/09/opinion-warning-signs.html

Signs that your opinions function more to signal loyalty and ability than to estimate truth:

1. You find it hard to be enthusiastic for something until you know that others oppose it.
2. You have little interest in getting clear on what exactly is the position being argued.
3. Realizing that a topic is important and neglected doesn’t make you much interested.
4. You have little interest in digging to bigger topics behind commonly argued topics.
5. You are less interested in a topic when you don’t foresee being able to talk about it.
6. You are uncomfortable taking a position near the middle of the opinion distribution.
7. You are uncomfortable taking a position of high uncertainty about who is right.
8. You care far more about current nearby events than similar distant or past/future events.
9. You find it easy to conclude that those who disagree with you are insincere or stupid.
10. You are reluctant to change your publicly stated positions in response to new info.
11. You are reluctant to agree a rival’s claim, even if you had no prior opinion on the topic.
12. You are reluctant to take a position that raises the status of rivals.
13. You care more about consistency between your beliefs than about belief accuracy.
14. You go easy on sloppy arguments by folks on “your side.”
15. You have little interest in practical concrete implications of commonly argued topics.
16. Your opinion doesn’t much change after talking with smart folks who know more.
17. You are especially eager to drop names when explaining positions and arguments.
18. You find it hard to list weak points and counter-arguments on your positions.
19. You feel passionately about at topic, but haven’t sought out much evidence.
20. You are reluctant to not have an opinion on commonly discussed topics.
21. More?
-Robin Hanson

Most of these points describe several people I know.

For some reason I'm reminded in particular of this time back in 2004. I was at a family gathering and; was called upon to describe the details of Jenna Cooper's slaying. I recited the known facts as dryly as I could and as soon as I was done a male relative of mine; without saying a thing about this particular case, regally stated his belief that convicted murderers should always get the death penalty.

I was struck by how he obviously considered the chance to assert this belief as the essential point of the conversation; and I'd even say that some part of him believes that murder exists for the purpose of giving others the chance to affirm their anti-murderer credentials. And while this sort of moral vanity has never been uncommon and expresses itself in various ways more harmful than this it was still a damned tawdry display all the same.

Dé Sathairn, Meán Fómhair 25, 2010

Chrisma Woman Gets Fucking Epic

Get white masks on from bed sheets. Water down any subliminal; cell phones, TVs, computers, brown thin long needles, tiny white cubes and subliminators.
New Chinese leaders can improve by having the highest level manage specific services. Natural gas, elem-entary schools, roads, res-ervoirs, electricity, zoning, taxes, rice production, clo-thing, imports, tourism, arid lands, swimming pools and voting can be some services.
Every leader of a separate service can have a complaint center, a freedom center, and technical advisers. Let five upper managers vote on their technical regulations and humane laws.
A less organized teacher is over stressed so she shouts, screams and punishes often. She reorganizes by posting rules and exact repercussions, sets specific goals and a date when work shall be done. She shouts less because pupils know exactly what to do to be nicer and produce more in less time.
A government should let all citizens know the laws and exact repercussions so they all calm down to be nicer and more content.
Let the people have free-dom and they can complain so the people improve easily.
Let the people have free-dom of thought and they get smarter and nicer.
To have made an insideous homicidal method such as a subliminal could end all marriages. A tiny argument and the wife puts a fuzzy on the sternum of her husband and does away with him. Why would anybody even marry in China? Why would anybody attempt to get a job when anybody knows how to
do away with anybody. Anarchy and so much lone-liness without job or family ends all your population soon.
Babies already are dumber from subliminals in China. Babies have softer formed skulls than adults and are more likely to have brain inflammation more pro-foundly sooner.
Governments must never let persons have an insidious homicidal method. There won’t be a government in China. There won’t be a police man anymore. There won’t be persons to pick up the groceries anymore. They would soon be too upset and afraid to get a fuzzy on the sternum.
Making your population so mean to the nicest Americans means Chinese will have even less reserve to do away with each other at the slight-est whim.
All governments should be formed to make citizens nicer.
Can Americans approve of a genociding Chinese leader? No. Dr. Wu in the 1990s revealed that protesters were left standing in toxic waste. After five or ten minutes they fell down and passed away.
The Chinese government has a policy of taking two kidneys from protesters and using their bodies for science.
All Chinese wives are depressed from having a forced abortion whenever they are pregnant the second time and thereafter. Police enter the home and handcuff the wife to the bed and extract the fetus. The husband sometimes is forced to watch.
Chinese can have norplant birth control implanted into their underarm. After 5 years they get a new norplant again from the American company.
Chinese subliminators here answered an ad to teach English. They are nice Chi-nese liking Americans turned into homociders here in the United States.
Although Chinese have made impressive advances with having private bus-inesses and skyscraper tall
cities, Chinese government has put surveillance in every office, store, factory, home, street, TV, cell phone and computer as well as sub-liminals there too.
There are no psychologists in China. It is thought that their government does away with those that have im-perfect mental health inclu-ding those that have given subliminals for a while.
To surrender to Divine is the easiest surrender in history. Wet the subliminals.
We all want freedom of thought to think, to be free to think our own thoughts, to discern good from bad, for freedom of speech and to improve. Chinese all know persons that went to labor camps. A frightened people are too scared to produce very much. Chinese can state “Divine I care for weak persons” for a nicer society.
If you feel chest pains put your finger on the sternum. Does the sternum vibrate? If so you have a subliminal fuzzy from Chinese. Keep this list:
Eat garlic or onions
Heating pad on back
Hot potatoes in hands
Mustard poultice chest
Use ace bandage to place
poultice on chest
Epsom salts feet and head
Slouch sitting
Don’t move much
Vinpocetine pill
Hydrogen peroxide poultice
Honey or yogurt on chest
Cough drops
State ‘ema’ transcendental meditation mantra over and over for easy healing of the cardiac area. Start by stating ‘Divine ema, ema, ema” whenever you begin again so your words are shielded.
When you can buy an infrared mat at 888 531-6982 good for any kind of recu-peration. Magnesium oil can relax and healing the cardiac area. Buy at 800 824-4491.
Sleep strips might help at 888 610-3872 with ten for $28.
Do not risk going to an emergency room as they pretend to give EKG with one jolt of electricity. Actual EKG is administered for about 5 minutes to graph cardiac pulse over time. Do you receive a copy of the graph? No. Can you view a CD of your EKG? No. It is a fraud.
Ask hospitals to have only hand written health charts and that you receive a copy after every visit. There are foreigners that now can get MeCentricin software to change any American elec-tronic health record to have lethal doses or advance directives on it.
Instead let’s receive a paper copy of our health chart like we do for a car bill with diagnosis and work done. It is best to have the health chart in our own control anyway.

In case your home has been entered into by Chinese and you have noticed brown thin long needle subliminals laying around, first wet the subliminals for 10 seconds. State “Divine I wet sublime-inals” over and over while working.
Bar the door like in the middle ages with two metal U shapes bolted to the door and a long steel stick across door. Ask a welder to put one in today.
You may try the door jammer from Home Depot but foreigners push a thin inch wide stick under the door to push door jammer backwards.
All our key hole knobs can be unlocked by foreigners. When you come back from an errand or job check for subliminals immediately.
Put a wind chime above the front and back door so you wake up before wandering outdoors.
If you have had a pair of shoes and socks that weren’t yours on your feet, take off and put by your side. State “Divine Jesus walked on water” for better self management. Fold a sheet over and sew the bottom and the side like a sleeping bag zipper so no one attempts to put shoes and socks on with subliminals and tracking tiny metal or put ivory flake looking devices on.
Cell phones go in water. Throw your TV outdoors. Donate our computer to a community center so you can visit without any self in-fliction while at a public place.

Our west coast shore needs to have land mines all along the beaches. Land mines are a peaceful barrier as long as signs are up every 20 feet or so. Would you rather be tan or alive if Chinese arrive?

Instead of a class in con-sumerism let’s interest eight graders in how simple machines work. The Crapper toilet, Kodak camera, Alex-ander Graham Bell’s tele-phone and Wilbur and Wright’s bikeplane have simple parts in a generation that tinkered in their base-ments to make a better society.Early sewing machine and washing machine in-terests a girl. The first water and mechanical clock, Gut-tenburg press, radio, wind-mill, stove, door bell and record player helps a new generation to fine new inventions. Building your own home and repairing a bicycle are practical skills to learn. Da Vinci and Edison are studied with fascination.
1. I want to be as smart as I possibly can.
2. One third of Spain’s third graders get high everyday and do not get to fourth grade.
3. Marijuana is a neurotoxin. Users are forgetful, with malaise and lazy welfare behavior.
4. Marijuana is high risk for AIDS behavior. “Oops I forgot the birth control!”
5. Abortions occur from the Oops! Father of not yet born baby gets high from mar-ijuana and does not have a fall in love feeling so he screams at mom of not yet born baby to get an abortion.
6. Marijuana is a high cancer risk.
7. Bronchitis, lung cancer and early full blown AIDS occurs from marijuana use.
8. Divorces are more com-mon from a couple that use pot because one or the other has adultery with a marijuana
9. Marijuana users have more car accidents. Where are the mad moms for users?
10. I want to buy only cruelty free products. Marijuana has blood all over it from dealers doing away with South Am-erican farmers up through Mexico. Drug dealers now do away with druggies getting rehab in Mexico.
11. Marijuana users loose a job easier. Users are late, sloppy, uncoordinated and laugh too much on the job.
12. Manchurians were given much opium from Chinese. Chinese genocided millions.
13. I want to ask 100 ques-
tions on a date sober to contribute towards my finest in a marriage.
14. Let’s close bars with dumb drugs in it and open board game rooms, book club cafes and swing dance clubs.

Norway had no bars and no drugs in 1980. Bars were outlawed since the turn of the century. Norwegians earlier made stills that if not exact toxed their drinkers. Drinkers on skis lost their way and got hyperthermia too easily in the snow.
Oslo had clean cut looking blonds whispering across from table to table in their coffee houses. A thriving social life in the early even-ings occurred without much abortions. Norway’s oil made them prosperous with cradle to grave free medicine. Since then they opened bars and drugs flowed in too.
A dater wants to not be lonely anymore. A dater is lonelier after a one night stand.
A celibate is not as lonely. A celibate dates with interest in the conversation. Can this dater like me a lot after 10 dates? Can he prove he loves me by being exclusive after 10 dates? Can he like my job or studies? Can he like my friends? Can he like my mom and dad? Can he like my sense of humor?
Can she like the roses I sent her? Can she like my sport I do? Can she like what I do after work? Can she like my side when I complain? Can she like what I struggled through? Can she like me if
I have a fault? Can she like me better than anybody else?
How am I going to find this out at the bar? I’m not, not there. A nicer man looks for a nicer place to find a nicer woman.
Did you both confess you went to beach week five years ago and disliked it ever after? I matured this much. Have you matured too? Are you looking to get married?
That’s just the beginning of a mature style of dating. What is this person like in front of my friends? Is she a gracious person? Is she a lout and permiscuous person who goes to the bars a lot? If you don’t want a lout and adul-terer for a wife or husband you don’t want a bar with drugs anymore. Let’s close them down for a while until the drugs are out thoroughly.

Religion is for organizing kindness and educating young and old to be kinder. Humans come to church on Sunday to be less lonely, to sing sweet songs, to talk of sorrows as a group, to witness a happy wedding promise to live together for their lifetime to share and protect their children and for their children to learn good from bad so they go to heaven after life. To shame and be shamed helps push a person towards doing nicer effects. Healings are in a church even if you just walk in for a while and sit before a Jesus statute. Where a picture of Jesus is so is Jesus. Ask for a miracle. It can happen.

Dé Domhnaigh, Meán Fómhair 19, 2010

Real Men Gobble Meat

"'We are 40 days from fundamentally changing America,'(Glen) Beck said. '. . . What the Tea Party movement wants is an end to out-of-control spending, an end to the insanity, an end to the growth in government that is gobbling everything up.'

He also ridiculed first lady Michelle Obama's campaign to get people to eat healthier snacks like apples or carrots.
'Get away from my french fries, Mrs. Obama,' Beck warned. 'First politician that comes up to me with a carrot stick, I've got a place for it. And it's not in my tummy.'

"'The role of the federal government is not to pick out doctors -- it's to defeat radical jihadists,' U.S. Rep. Pete Hoekstra of Michigan said. 'The role of the federal government is not to educate our children. It's to rush to the border and seal our borders.'"

For anyone confused about how a first lady's suggestions to eat healthy could possibly be controversial, the second quote from Rep. Hoekstra should be helpful. Real Men are neither threatened or concerned by anything except enemies, and the beating off of enemies real and imagined is essentially the only important thing that a person or a nation can ever do.

To suffer at the hands of an enemy is so disgraceful that the True Man commits his entire conciousness to preventing it. To suffer at the hands of so-called natural causes, on the other hand, is no more than the will of a God who is manliness incarnate. It is indisputable that the death of one tribe member at the hands of an outsider is far worse than the death of a hundred from heart attacks.

To believe otherwise is to accept that the threat from others is only a very small part of a greater battle against death that we are all doomed to lose; and all right-wing narratives are based on maintaining the illusion of omnipotence. This then is why Glen Beck would rather shove a hard glistening stick up someone's ass than be so queer as to worry about healthy eating.

Dé Céadaoin, Meán Fómhair 15, 2010

Remembering Yard Cop

In the Journal-Star today some woman wrote to the editor castigating random Lincolnites for not flying American flags on Sept. 11th. For some reason it made me think of the man I was doing a moving job with back when I was twenty one, he was somewhere in his late forties. While we were riding in his truck from old house to new house he spent the entire trip extolling what he obviously considered to be very important paternal knowledge. He gave pointers on moving this or that piece of furniture. Mostly he spoke of lawns. He spoke of how often to mow, how long to wait for rain before watering, fertilizer, what kind to buy, how much to apply, how often.
He pointed at yellow grass in some neighbors lawn and said "You see that? Put some fertilizer in your grass God Damnit! You fucking scurgy cocksucker!"

And that's all there is to the story really.

"You'll have a house of your own someday right? You see why grass needs fertilizer? You saw that shit right?"

Dé Luain, Meán Fómhair 13, 2010

Thoughts on Eternal Culture War

Even as we make progress on specific issues, however, the broader culture war seems to get uglier and uglier. The underlying sentiment that has fueled this conflict from the start --that only certain Americans are "real Americans" who deserve rights and respect -- has not gone away.-Ann Friedman

"The main thing I want to say on this is that every time anyone ever predicted that the end of the culture war was just around the corner, I rolled my eyes. I get that people are sick and tired of it, and that’s why they invest in ideas like, “Electing Barack Obama will bring an end to the culture wars”, which is what Ann quotes Andrew Sullivan basically saying. But too bad. Politics isn’t your entertainment. The culture wars aren’t some movie that you’ve seen so many times that it’s lost its entertainment value, and so you can just change the channel. The culture wars are going to drag out for a long ass time for a number of reasons"- Amanda Marcotte

I'm afraid that this is all so. One of the most depressing things about human bigotry is its intractability. There will always be a number of people in every society who are unable to accept any legitimate source of self-esteem except superiority to others. They cannot be 'cured' of pernicious beliefs because they are convinced that hating others is the only possible alternative to hating themselves. Gripes against 'special minority rights', 'political correctness' and 'blaming America first' are usually based on precisely this attitude.

The best we can do is to try to keep the die-hard bigots from handling the reins of power. But this is very difficult since those who believe that they are nothing without power over others will obviously be more strongly motivated to gain it than those of us who do not. And they also have a big tactical advantage; because to believe that power and virtue are the same thing is necessarily to believe that cheating does not exist.

Their biggest advantage though is actually the modernity they reject. Because one of the central tenets of modernity is that societies should accept their own artificiality. It is deeply unsettling for most people to realize that we could have been anyone anywhere at any time*, and so we take great comfort in believing our social identities to be tangible and true. To accept social identity as imaginary is difficult in the best of times, and becomes nearly impossible when society faces some sort of existential stress such as outside attack or economic collapse.

(* Or no one at all, if mom and dad had only bought Ginger Ale instead of Shiraz for New Years 76.)

Yet at the same time the falsity of identity can be discerned easily enough by any average person blessed with the leisure time of modern life. So in times of stress we come to hate the modernity that gives our minds time to wonder into such painful territory. And it is in these times that the general population embraces the gospel of the bigots and raises them to the power they obsess over. When the illusion of tangible social identity is lost it can be restored only by having tangible enemies to pound it against, and once enemies begin to provide this sort of emotional security there must be a never-ending supply of them.

When the USA or some other self-declared egalitarian society suffers the sort of tribalistic spasm we are going through now it obviously appears rancidly hypocritical or at least confounding. But when fascism is understood as civilizations' willful suicide it becomes much easier to understand in general.
Things were so much easier in the days when we lived short sickly lives waiting to be cut down in the next battle with the folk across the river.

Dé hAoine, Meán Fómhair 10, 2010

Godhatestheworld.com update

In a change from March Denmark and the Czech Republic are now dully hated by god.

This leaves Costa Rica as basically the largest country not yet on the board.

Déardaoin, Meán Fómhair 09, 2010

Athiest Lesbian Cookies are Delicious: Or, Crypto-Gay is Stranger than Fiction

Hans Zeiger, running for the Washington state legislature, had a bone to pick with the Girl Scouts back in 02.

One might wonder why the Girl Scouts have been spared the painful attacks that have been launched upon the Boy Scouts by the Left in recent years. The reasons are simple: the Girl Scouts allow homosexuals and atheists to join their ranks, and they have become a pro-abortion, feminist training corps. … If the Girl Scouts of America can’t get back to teaching real character, perhaps it will be time to look for our cookies elsewhere.”

This is all nothing but the truth. The Girl Scouts of America are in fact insanely radical enough to treat homosexuals and atheists as human beings, and they even go so far as to teach young women to have positive self-images based upon their actual selves rather then what men think of them. Such an attitude of course is absolute proof of not only supporting abortion but of being sexually aroused by mangled feti. And while true Christian patriots may find it hard to resist those mouth-watering tagalogs it is certainly better to have the wife bake her own cookies rather than lend monetary support to the den of terrorist lesbian fetus rape that the GSA has become. Thank god the Boy Scouts have managed to stand up to the Homosexual menace.


This is Olave St. Clair Baden-Powell, the woman that Boy Scout founder Robert Baden-Powell married in 1912 at the age of fifty five. He preferred her to keep her hair short and wear proto power-suits of the sort pictured here. He also reportedly convinced her to strap her breasts down so she didn't walk around looking all girly. During the years when their three children were produced Mr. Baden-Powell would often complain of terrible headaches and general malaise. After their last daughter was born he moved to a bedroom of his own and immediately came to feel much better.

"With every hint of sex removed from a relationship he could get on reasonably well with women."

Throughout his life he loved his mother very much. He insisted that all real men love their mothers as themselves, and of course how could anyone do otherwise? Still he founded the Scouts partly because he knew that young boys needed to spend some time alone with each other, away from feminizing influences; so that they could get dirty and sweaty together and so learn that the manly bonds are the ones that really matter in life. Baden-Powell had such a bond himself; a lifelong friendship with a man named McClaren who he called his 'boy'.

A clean young man in his prime of health and strength is the finest creature God had made in the world,"

"Another incident in the book, pages 92-94, Baden-Powell writes to his friend A.H. Tod about an album of naked boys kept by Tod: And possibly I might get a further look at those wonderful photographs of yours!" The album in question remained at Charterhouse until it was destroyed in the 1960s."

He was a admirer of both Hitler and Mussolini before circumstances pitted his country against theirs and he dutifully followed his own flag. Though this was rather predictable I suppose, considering that Scouting shares with fascism the idea that the military aesthetic is not just a strange necessity for extraordinary circumstances but profoundly good in itself. And of course scouting was largely inspired by Baden-Powells desire to build the real men needed to maintain his own country's empire. But I suppose that's neither here nor there.

To return to the central point here's a poster called "Are You in This?" that Baden-Powell made during World War I; featuring a sailor fondling a large canon while a Boy who appears to have ripped the rear end of his pants hands a load of shot to a soldier handling his gun at waist level.

Yes, we may indeed thank God that America's modern Boy Scouts continue to march through the wilderness; with no one but each other to depend on, together in matching pressed uniforms under the guidance of a wise and experienced older man, without the degrading influence of homosexuality. May the flame of the founder's original vision always burn true.


I Think I'm going to Stay Alone

I despise relationships; except no, they're fine for what they are, on the physical level, but I do abhor intimacy. I have nothing but the deepest contempt for casual entitlement to intimacy, be it from my family or from former girlfriends. To say that I value my privacy over all else would be understating it. The truth is that I value only my privacy. From the family I was born into I get nothing but filth, obligation, vulgarity, and noise; what more could I ever hope for from my own family? Eternal damnation; going to my grave without ever having the slightest hope of ever escaping human notice again. No.

If I feel any passion, it is to seek revenge against everyone who has ever attempted to pry into my interior, it is to defy everyone who blindly assumes that love is universally preferable to singlehood, that relationships are by definition of central importance to my and everyone else's life, to spit in the face of every man who cracked a stupid and vulgar joke to me on the unthinking assurance that sharing a common sexuality was the slightest bit meaningful in any way.

There is no God and no natural order commanding me to abide such tyranny. And I won't.

Dé Céadaoin, Meán Fómhair 08, 2010

I Had This Neighbor Once

We were watching the exorcist once. She said she had heard that the fleeting shots of Captain Howdy weren't meant to be there. Apparently Black lord Satan himself had corporeally manifested himself onto the film for the purpose of gritting his teeth and waving his arms around a bit.

She was average looking but the freckles all over her torso were cute.

Daley Jr. Retiring

He was an enlightened despot, at least, striving to improve his realm instead of seeing power as the ultimate end and letting the mountain he had authority over rot away while he and his cronies partied at the top. He brought Chicago into the 21st century with aplomb while other Great Lakes cities wither bitterly in the 1950's, good for him.

Though he was of course thoroughly convinced that he was the only person on Earth who could make Chicago better, that its citizens were his utterly dependent children and that he therefore had the moral right to do whatever he needed to to retain power, lest his children get lost in the wilderness. But this is a perfectly typical conceit among politicians. Chicago really is cleaner than it's ever been, for what little that's worth. And it's current position as an alpha world city wouldn't have been possible if Little Richard hadn't occasionally acknowledged the humanity of non-White Chicagoans, a major policy departure from his father.

Another major deviation from Dad is choosing to actually retire instead of dropping dead in office, which shows that he's at least sane enough to imagine existence without power, an increasingly rare thing among our modern political class.

Dé Luain, Meán Fómhair 06, 2010

My Parents Have a Cat

It is the son of my former cat Telly, very big for a housecat, about twenty pounds. Not fat just naturally big. Bulls-eye is his name. He likes to hunt rabbits out by the railroad tracks. Often he will bring them into the family home still half alive, several he abandoned in the kitchen. One he bit the head off of and disemboweled on the living room carpet. One he left mortally wounded in the kitchen for whatever reason. Bulls-eye went to lounge on the couch all purrfull and pet-like while the rabbit made a futilely struggled to a hiding place under the kitchen sink, bled to death there, and went undiscovered until my parents noticed the smell and the flies several days later. There are blood stains on the carpet in any odd number of places.

He's deathly afraid of thunderstorms and likes to be scratched behind the ears.

Déardaoin, Meán Fómhair 02, 2010

Last Night

I dreamed that President Kennedy was making a goodwill tour somewhere in the Arctic north. It may have been Greenland but I think it was Canada. It was summer and he was dressed in a white t-shirt and matching jeans. He was carrying a golf club and jockishly knocking balls out of the natural amphitheater where people had gathered to see him. Everything was brown, nothing alive anywhere save for the human crowd.

It wasn't the actual person of John Kennedy, this I realized straight away, more like the spirit of badass or something along those lines.