Déardaoin, Meán Fómhair 09, 2010

I Think I'm going to Stay Alone

I despise relationships; except no, they're fine for what they are, on the physical level, but I do abhor intimacy. I have nothing but the deepest contempt for casual entitlement to intimacy, be it from my family or from former girlfriends. To say that I value my privacy over all else would be understating it. The truth is that I value only my privacy. From the family I was born into I get nothing but filth, obligation, vulgarity, and noise; what more could I ever hope for from my own family? Eternal damnation; going to my grave without ever having the slightest hope of ever escaping human notice again. No.

If I feel any passion, it is to seek revenge against everyone who has ever attempted to pry into my interior, it is to defy everyone who blindly assumes that love is universally preferable to singlehood, that relationships are by definition of central importance to my and everyone else's life, to spit in the face of every man who cracked a stupid and vulgar joke to me on the unthinking assurance that sharing a common sexuality was the slightest bit meaningful in any way.

There is no God and no natural order commanding me to abide such tyranny. And I won't.

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