Dé Domhnaigh, Meán Fómhair 19, 2010

Real Men Gobble Meat

"'We are 40 days from fundamentally changing America,'(Glen) Beck said. '. . . What the Tea Party movement wants is an end to out-of-control spending, an end to the insanity, an end to the growth in government that is gobbling everything up.'

He also ridiculed first lady Michelle Obama's campaign to get people to eat healthier snacks like apples or carrots.
'Get away from my french fries, Mrs. Obama,' Beck warned. 'First politician that comes up to me with a carrot stick, I've got a place for it. And it's not in my tummy.'

"'The role of the federal government is not to pick out doctors -- it's to defeat radical jihadists,' U.S. Rep. Pete Hoekstra of Michigan said. 'The role of the federal government is not to educate our children. It's to rush to the border and seal our borders.'"

For anyone confused about how a first lady's suggestions to eat healthy could possibly be controversial, the second quote from Rep. Hoekstra should be helpful. Real Men are neither threatened or concerned by anything except enemies, and the beating off of enemies real and imagined is essentially the only important thing that a person or a nation can ever do.

To suffer at the hands of an enemy is so disgraceful that the True Man commits his entire conciousness to preventing it. To suffer at the hands of so-called natural causes, on the other hand, is no more than the will of a God who is manliness incarnate. It is indisputable that the death of one tribe member at the hands of an outsider is far worse than the death of a hundred from heart attacks.

To believe otherwise is to accept that the threat from others is only a very small part of a greater battle against death that we are all doomed to lose; and all right-wing narratives are based on maintaining the illusion of omnipotence. This then is why Glen Beck would rather shove a hard glistening stick up someone's ass than be so queer as to worry about healthy eating.

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