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Athiest Lesbian Cookies are Delicious: Or, Crypto-Gay is Stranger than Fiction

Hans Zeiger, running for the Washington state legislature, had a bone to pick with the Girl Scouts back in 02.

One might wonder why the Girl Scouts have been spared the painful attacks that have been launched upon the Boy Scouts by the Left in recent years. The reasons are simple: the Girl Scouts allow homosexuals and atheists to join their ranks, and they have become a pro-abortion, feminist training corps. … If the Girl Scouts of America can’t get back to teaching real character, perhaps it will be time to look for our cookies elsewhere.”

This is all nothing but the truth. The Girl Scouts of America are in fact insanely radical enough to treat homosexuals and atheists as human beings, and they even go so far as to teach young women to have positive self-images based upon their actual selves rather then what men think of them. Such an attitude of course is absolute proof of not only supporting abortion but of being sexually aroused by mangled feti. And while true Christian patriots may find it hard to resist those mouth-watering tagalogs it is certainly better to have the wife bake her own cookies rather than lend monetary support to the den of terrorist lesbian fetus rape that the GSA has become. Thank god the Boy Scouts have managed to stand up to the Homosexual menace.


This is Olave St. Clair Baden-Powell, the woman that Boy Scout founder Robert Baden-Powell married in 1912 at the age of fifty five. He preferred her to keep her hair short and wear proto power-suits of the sort pictured here. He also reportedly convinced her to strap her breasts down so she didn't walk around looking all girly. During the years when their three children were produced Mr. Baden-Powell would often complain of terrible headaches and general malaise. After their last daughter was born he moved to a bedroom of his own and immediately came to feel much better.

"With every hint of sex removed from a relationship he could get on reasonably well with women."

Throughout his life he loved his mother very much. He insisted that all real men love their mothers as themselves, and of course how could anyone do otherwise? Still he founded the Scouts partly because he knew that young boys needed to spend some time alone with each other, away from feminizing influences; so that they could get dirty and sweaty together and so learn that the manly bonds are the ones that really matter in life. Baden-Powell had such a bond himself; a lifelong friendship with a man named McClaren who he called his 'boy'.

A clean young man in his prime of health and strength is the finest creature God had made in the world,"

"Another incident in the book, pages 92-94, Baden-Powell writes to his friend A.H. Tod about an album of naked boys kept by Tod: And possibly I might get a further look at those wonderful photographs of yours!" The album in question remained at Charterhouse until it was destroyed in the 1960s."

He was a admirer of both Hitler and Mussolini before circumstances pitted his country against theirs and he dutifully followed his own flag. Though this was rather predictable I suppose, considering that Scouting shares with fascism the idea that the military aesthetic is not just a strange necessity for extraordinary circumstances but profoundly good in itself. And of course scouting was largely inspired by Baden-Powells desire to build the real men needed to maintain his own country's empire. But I suppose that's neither here nor there.

To return to the central point here's a poster called "Are You in This?" that Baden-Powell made during World War I; featuring a sailor fondling a large canon while a Boy who appears to have ripped the rear end of his pants hands a load of shot to a soldier handling his gun at waist level.

Yes, we may indeed thank God that America's modern Boy Scouts continue to march through the wilderness; with no one but each other to depend on, together in matching pressed uniforms under the guidance of a wise and experienced older man, without the degrading influence of homosexuality. May the flame of the founder's original vision always burn true.


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