Dé Luain, Lúnasa 02, 2010

Most Interesting

I've stumbled upon a wingnut blog with the following name, http://truthinconviction.us/weblog.php.

Yes, truth is what ever God's favored children want it to be, as long as they want it with manly 'conviction' ans aren't wishy-washy about it; and with all the back in forth about 'epistemic closure' on the right this is really nothing new at all. There's a legend about Joseph or Arimathea answering Pilate's question to Christ, "The truth is what I believe."

I think that it is a heart a very simple thing; those who feel the greatest sense of entitlement tend to be the same as those with the most provincial thought processes. To put it another way, it is common for a perceived right to control society to exist in the same brain as an inability to perceive a reality higher than one's own society. Once you put these two senses together it becomes very easy for one to start believing that he has the power to will truths in or out of existence.

Something else that I found interesting is the 9-11 'tribute' sitting in the forest of sidebar ads that right-wing sites tend to have. (Their beliefs can never be stated loudly or repetitively enough.) The viewer is among other things commanded to 'remember our resolve.'

This, children, is what is known as a 'thought terminating cliche'. It goes without saying that remembering resolve you felt in the past does nothing whatsoever to make you resolute now. And of course the assertion that 'resolve' is good in itself takes us back round to the main point of this post, which is that these people are fucking nuts and bad things happen when you give them a military to play with. But I suppose that's been obvious for some time.

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