Dé Sathairn, Iúil 31, 2010

Found at 28th and E: Scrap of Note Paper

"Hello! Well the name of this book is kinda ironic cause my best friend is a fucking asshole! ever since he broke up with his bif he treats me like shit! He came out to a bunch of people and has almost completely turned his back on me! like I'm some piece of shit that doesn't deserve to live! Of course he will deny hows he's been treating me and say sorry! Well if he was truly sorry he would stop doing it! I have no idea whats going on with us! I have so much shit on him is unbelievable. But we really do have a lot of good times together but right now the bad is out weighing the good! I NEED TO STOP BEING SO JEALOUS AND STOP WORRYING SO MUCH But with everything going on it's like I can't help but WORRY EVERYTIME I'M THINKING WERE GOOD HE DOES SOMETHING THAT PISSES ME OFF! I'M TRYING SO HARD TO BE BETTER BUT HE ISNT DOING ANYTHING TO HELP ME GET BACK TO NORMAL


I wish he wouldn't of come out to so many people at once but it...."

Author Unknown.

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