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“Everyone likes to be alive as long as possible” ordinance allows all citizens to stay alive as long as possible at home and at hospital"

Dear Editor;

As author of “Healings for Schizophrenia” I came across a kindly Saint Oriaf in eighth century Spain that put those afflicted in a church and they got well. Prince of Paris said “Take refuge in a church and stay there” and got well. From 1200 to 1624 Europeans burned women for blaspheming. 1624 was the last time they burned women and was the year Moslems were finally out of Europe. The statements the peasants heard were the same as now “this is the end of the world” during the year 999AD. The peasants heard Moslem voices in their head.
If you watched “World Trade Center” the Moslems started the day with chanting in their head. The chanting was from another Moslem in their head.
Now what we have had is an American hears a Moslem voice in their head, goes to the psych unit and gets exterminated with advance directives.
Americans don’t want that.
Candida fungus has been also a part of schizophrenia. If you have symptoms of cakey feeling in mouth and brain or experience “brain fog” here are some answers. Essential oils on body or room; if you like free essential oils, pick a pine needle frond and put on your head under a hat. Essential oils plug in, hydrogen peroxide head soak and kerchief over mouth of kneipps bath oil and water. The cheapest answer is sleeping on the ground outside where fungus goes into the ground instead of permeating the air.
Some other answers are to sip milk all day, chlorine pellet room and have epsom salts bath to lessen cancer causing chlorine and have hydrogen peroxide poultice on head. Open window and use fan if without essential oils aroma. Miconizole cream on body, diflucan and sporinex are helpful.
Do all of these; ingest baking soda with water, megadose vitamin E, ¼ cup olive oil, UV tan, megadose vitamin C particularly if you have hallucinations. Eat yogurt, put yogurt on head, garlic wreathes on body and in socks, and honey in bowl to bring fungus to eat on sticky honey and stay there.
For hallucinations eat dirt. How did this idea come along? Historians found remnants of loaves of bread with ¼ dirt in a village in middle ages France. The cause of death for some peasants was eating too much dirt. Perhaps the bread had ergot in it and they ate bread with dirt in it to survive.
Perhaps the origin of schizophrenia is having a tiny bit more ergot in your grains than other persons. Health food stores have a tiny amount more ergot than supermarkets. Vitamin C dusted on grains has been tried to reduce the fungus.
Clay balls were found among natives of the Amazon. They had put the clay balls in their water so that if anything was poisoned the clay neutralized it. Even a bath with clay or dirt in it helps.
Lithium can be added to our drinking water to reduce symptoms. Lithium is one of the most abundant minerals and is a kind of dirt. More chlorine can be added to our drinking water.
Chinese brought the new candida fungus in empty ships to California and promised to no longer do that. Chinese doctors head pallative care in this city. Pallative care is an extermination room.
Don’t go to a psych unit where they exterminate Americans.
State Divine constantly. Go to a church for Moslem voices. Go to a tanning salon for visual hallucinations and eat dirt. Go to a homeless shelter if you live alone and experience these. You will be safer among the bunks of friendly Americans. Try first

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Anonymous said...

As it turns out, there really is a "Healings for Schizophrenia." 55 pages, 14 chapters, bibliography. And it's the first of her books that she's "published" in her own name.