Dé Luain, Iúil 12, 2010

World Cup Final

Wow, what happened to you Holland? You guys used to be cool. Is losing really so bad as to be worse than playing like Germans for you? Sheesh.

The important thing is that the score was an accurate reflection of how the game went. Spain were noticeably better but also fucked up in ways that a team playing a ruthless style as Holland was could take advantage of.

All the intangibles were on Holland's side. Descendants of Boar colonials gave them virtual home field advantage and the Phariseic referee was complementing their gum-the-works style perfectly by blowing the whistle and killing flow at the slightest contact. (Damned strange how he was so quick to call tick-tack fouls yet unwilling to kick De Jong out of the game for his Chuck Norris impression.) Luckily for both Spain and decency the Dutch went to shit whenever they did have opportunities to take advantage of it;

The Spanish football team is a strange bird, overwhelmingly better than everyone else and yet rarely dominant on the scoreboard. Even now that they are finally world champs the bad finishing that has always killed them before is still there. Their goalie Iker Casillas is clearly the difference between a championship team and another legendary choke job in the vein of Brazil in 50 or Hungary in 54. And it is indisputable that he is the rightful captain of the team and entitled to handle the trophy first. He should of won the golden ball for best all-around player.

And man it was good stuff to see him paralyzed with tears of joy after the game was over, knowing that every male human on Earth was watching him on TV and still being unable to maintain. That's what this game and what love for this game is all about. The low-scoring nature makes it seem as if you are feeling the same physical nervousness as the players, and if it's your team you can feel how hard they're fighting for you. I remember Barcelona's last-minute winning goal against Chelsea in the 09 Champions League. Some wag put several Catalan radio clips online of announcers basically cumming into their microphones in joy at that goal. It's a hell of a sweet deal this game, is all I'm trying to say with that.

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