Dé Sathairn, Iúil 03, 2010

World Cup Notes

Well, Germany is certainly looking pretty good aren't they?

I feel sorry for Messi and the gang but I'm sure I have some company in enjoying watching Maradona suffer. This, as I've noted before, has nothing to do with his Marxist politics and cocaine use, because their isn't a thing wrong with either. And I certainly don-t care about the Hand-of-God goal from back in the day because fuck the English; rather it's that God damn cartoon jerri-curl of his. It's that fucking gauche-ass earring of his, the archtypical meatheadedness of the man; the casual misogyny, homophobia, arrogance, and anti-intelligence that commonly infects members of the athletic class anywhere. Just an all-around asshole that guy, the sort of man who would get into five barfights on the same night and think it's funny, the man who aggressively hits on your girlfriend and than gets mad if you feel anything less than honored by it.

Man fuck Diego Maradona, is all I got to say about that.

As for the other game, well my favorite to hoist the cup is still alive. I heard one of the announcers say that "Spain's road has been rocky." No it hasn't. They are in the final four for the second time in their history. Their road has been just fine. The fact that their games have been close means nothing. This is a world championship, every team is good and close games are the norm. It's the team that does best at winning close games that takes the trophy, not the bully that can rack up goal difference against a weak side.

Having said that, Germany's newfound ability to annihilate perfectly good sides is jaw-dropping stuff, and they are the obvious favorites heading in to the tournament's final stretch. I on the other hand am sticking to Spain; not out of reason but only out of loyalty to my predictions, and of course a Spain vs. Holland final, the Bridesmaids Bowl, would be adorable to watch.

Time for the real shit now.

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