Dé Céadaoin, Iúil 21, 2010

Hairspray. Woman. Is. Back. (Americans ask why is ther on TV commercials of homes bursting from ammunitions)



Charisma healings can be received at most homeless shelters in America by asking for the chrisma woman. Among the first to receive chrisma healings they are giving out the highest attainment of humans to be healed. Care for weak persons is their concern for all. Christ can assist you every day thereafter with this special chrisma healing.
There have been many persons detained in psych units that really don't need to be there. Among them was a woman who was given this healing first. She prefers to be called one of the chrisma woman healers also. This is a timing when Christ is most needed because of the Moslem voices in person's heads and the candida Chinease empty ships that sent some Americans to psych units to be exterminated. Even senators have to repair themselves exquisitely.


State "Devine how do you do your highest attainment today?" And then "how do you do your highest attainment today" can be said over and over again especially if you perceive any mistreatment.
Wear a white cross on your forehead for the "seal on the forehead and you will be saved" is mentioned in revelations. Christ cares for us in any age. We think this is what Christians did after 999AD and thereafter. Since 1999 we have been given the same revelation.
For better problem solving consider putting a white cross on the top of your page. Write a Divine affirmation such as "Divine I have an abundance of resources." Then write down the problem. Add white crosses where ever you like and especially where you would like more assistance. State Divine affirmations a while or go away for a little bit. When you come back some fruitful ideas may be added so you may care more fully for weak persons.


Americans ask why is there on TV commercials of homes bursting from ammunitions. Chinese have gotten a hold of our TV programming and are bragging of what they want to try out.
Americans ask why do we have so many foreigners in our federal government.
We are not suppose to. It is illegal to hire a foreigner for a government position. An example is the head of FCC, a Moslem man who wants to have electric health charts so he can write in "Yes" to the phrase advance directive and exterminate Americans. Their intentions are genocide.
What can I, an American do about it?
Help build a wall from San Diego to Seattle so the Chinese don't arrive masively like they did in Tibet recently. Wear hair spray and insect repellent. Apply in San Diego. We are a miniscule population compared to the Chinese. We need your help.
Help guard our post offices, law and medical libraries with door jammers. Advance directives were never voted in. Russians rebound our law and medical books with threat of life intentions. End advance directives in your area.
Get copies of our newsletters about healings for candida for your hospital. Ask for a paper copy of your medical chart and bring with you a merck manual to be sure of your diagnosis and treatment. Ask for peppermint oil sprayed on surgery incisions and have no penicillin.


Non walkers need more stimulation. A moon walk with a kid jumping beside him is amusing to a retarded person.
A ghost house with 3D faces that jump out at them with a "boo" , a kiss and a scream is likeable to these participants.
A bouncy conveyer belt can hold a non walker through jiggling, vibrating, sending waves through the belt and a spray of water.
They can ride a "back to the future car". Let the non walker get on rolly coaster and spin rides. Let's have plenty of handlers. This can be as popular as Special Olympics are to those that walk.

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