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Chrisma Woman Discusses Choosing a College,and /or a Husband

Joe-How do I get a girl?
Psych-What kind of girl?
Joe-A girl to marry me.
Psych-What happened to your last girl friend?
Joe-I dated her three months and she went out on me.
Psych-Did you bed down with her?
Joe-The third date I couldn’t help myself.
Psych-Did you have an engagement ring to say you wanted her to be exclusive?
Joe-No. I thought since she saw me that way she would be nicer and stay.
Psych- Did you say you love her before you bed down?
Joe-No. She was the only girl I really cared about and now I live with my parents and can’t find a woman even to talk to.
Psych-How long have you been living with your parents?
Joe-Two years. I couldn’t find a career track job so I came back to work in my dad’s shop.
Psych-What is your history with women?
Joe-I dated a girl about every semester and slept with them after about a month.
Psych-What happened then?
Joe-I just wanted to date more women so I quit them.
Psych-Did a sleep over make you feel you had a focus too soon?
Joe- Yes. I felt obligated to have to deal with her again and again and I just couldn’t do it.
Psych-Tell me what hap-pened the first time.
Joe-It was awful. I got excited and I hurt her coming in.
Psych- When a woman looses her virginity she is hurt mildly but especially when she is not married to the man.
Joe-I felt lousy but I made it up to her and just held her.
Psych-A woman in that position without a husband cries and cries.
Joe-I found out the hard way.
Nobody told me it would be like that.
Psych-Do you regret that?
Joe-Yes, but I like being an adult, doing adult things.
Psych-A responsible adult refrains from that attachment so that the woman isn’t hurt unless she’s married.
Joe-Why isn’t it the same for the man?
Psych-A woman holds a baby in her womb to take care of for 18 years.
Joe-That’s a big investment.
Psych-We keep the same huge emotional pattern whether we have birth control or not.
Joe-Why is it not the same experience if you are not married?
Joe-I like you a little bit. I love you for the rest of your life. Is that the same thing with the same effect?
Joe-No. A little means I’ll be there a little so far. Stating I love you forever is a big thing.
Psych-How big?
Joe-That requires a ring.
Joe-I slept with so many girls how is one ever going to come back to me to my bed every evening?
Psych-If you touch lightly with a lot of stories instead of deep touch with few stories a woman can fall in love.
Joe-Is that a statistic?
Psych-Yes. Freud only asked middle aged women their emotive content and without Freud ever touching them many got a crush on Freud.
Joe-Do you mean all I have to do is ask stories of her life without even touching her?
Psych-Yes. You want her to jump sky high to date you.
Joe-How do I manage the competition when they might be crawling all over her?
Psych-There is never such a competition. You can com-mand a person to meet with you again only by your gentle words. Be a gentle man.
Joe-What if I don’t want her to come back?
Psych-State in the beginning I want to meet with a lot of women so I date celibately away from a shelter.
Joe-What kind of woman is going to like that?
Psych- A slow approach is truthful to the actual amount of care. Build trust celibately and you know her behaviors have to be chaste. You can only marry a woman who doesn’t bed hop so ask yourself not to. For years men want to hop from one woman to another to compare so do so without hurt, with-out deceptive too much touch. Make up 100 ques-tions to ask a date. You give a ring to the one that gets to 100. Looking at a shelter together is a milestone event. We take tests to graduate in life. To graduate to make a family give each date ques-tions from the test. Soon she will test you too wisely. After a year or so you unique yourself as a hero for her.
Jennie, a shy senior at Stanford was asked where she was going to look for work when she graduated. Jennie said “I like the Bay area. I’ll look for work here.” Suddenly her mom was alarmed. “Nobody likes the Bay area unless they are gay” she said later to her daughter. “What’s going on?” “I only did group sex and only once.” Shocked mom cries to her husband at their bedside. “We’ve got to get her to a psychotherapist.” “Let’s get her to a Catholic college in the midwest for her last semester” said her dad. That’s all they could do.
It is too taboo for parents to mention anything about their grown child’s breeding be-havior. They simply give them up at their college dorm and hope for the best.
Jack Kerioac in his “On the Road” journey didn’t realize in 1959 where there is the most pot there is the most insane making behavior. Persons walked off the San Francisco bridge about every day smitten with free love and pot that were rejected too harshly. Places with the most pot have the most bisexuals, Brown University, Yale and San Francisco State lead in both pot and bi’s.
In Detroit after one bed episode Lucy and Kent split because Kent said he would like to try kissing his former male roommate from college. She gave him a pair of pants to try on in the next sentence. Then she walked for three days coming to bed only to crash to sleep. This is a common pattern for those
falling out from a mate going gay. It is extremely desta-bilizing. Lucy took in men only to cry to for the next six months and they left early the same evening until a gifted story teller told her one story after another for weeks on end for a cure.
Fitz was a Salsaleto wife and mother of five. Her husband, an English major in college in 1975 worked as an antique dealer in San Fran-sisco for 15 years. Fitz peeked into her husband’s room while he was rehearsing a dialogue with a gay per-sona. She was mortified. “My husband is gay.” She self inflicted to end her life that evening. Did the dad get the kids? No. One teen son ran away to Omaha to announce his dad’s bad behavior. Relatives took them in.
Can one person’s bad touch behavior away from others effect another person ad-versely? Yes. Even if they don’t know.
We wanted everyone to like touch behavior. What we found out is startling.
How to heal from this? Have a warm bottle with milk and rum with a blanket and rock yourself to sleep. Read “My Antonia” by Willa Cather and other faithful to you with words and life ever after stories. Avoid steamy novels. Avoid masturbation.
The problem is the one maimed cannot think of their mate even for a second after the discovery.
Thinking of your husband in a gay behavior is such an assault many don’t survive the first evening. They should flee the home immediately to survive. To get sane again they need a refuge for a year or two. Children have to be given away or the maimed mom is homicidal to her own children.
Extreme anxiety occurs even to just lay down. Give her a heating pad to relax her during bedtime hours or 24 hours a day. After a month of screaming in bathrooms she can self dialogue in a calm way. Day hours in a church calm any communication. “Jesus loves me” can be a healing statement to get her words in order.
Touch relates to trust is a precise understatement that has to be understood in every display of honor.
A little touch equals a little trust.
I hold you dear to my life is a statement at a wedding. Wife is veiled and unveiled properly at this time. I trust you with my life for the consequences of bedding is to have a child.
Why did I trust you with my life is a very sorry conse-quences when getting AIDS or 90% fatal in a month tuberculosis.
I trust you with my forward looking to plan with you our future always is a bedroom expression.
Two gay lays down cuss afterwards always. They dislike what they have done.
Is the bi very sane? No. Read “Nijinsky” a ballet star who slept with his male director and had a wife. In the end at an asylum, words garbled he knelt in the snow to ask forgiveness to his wife.
A smart father has seen his own generation develop poorer and poorer breeding behavior. He says this to his
daughter “I am giving you funds for a psychology sessions every two weeks while you are in college. You are a nice sane girl but there are a lot of insane making behaviors out there. I want you to get married some day to a nice man.”
The young woman goes faithfully and astoundingly matures at a rate ten times faster than most college students.
A smart father reads the college book for students that shows who has the most alcohol, pot, what social activities available and what academic scores.
Beach schools are the most promiscuous.
Colleges with a lot of alcohol consumption are being curtailed. They ask frats and alumni frats to confess how their grades went down when they drank too much. They made a contract to not allow drinking on campus anymore.
A nice father wants his daughter to go to a women’s college. Maybe that’s the answer so daughter won’t be promiscuous. He reads her English term paper. “Wives are enslaved by their husbands.” That professor is a lesbian teaching her weird statements. Her daughter Jill, smart and beautiful became a lesbian. Lesbians are in great numbers at women’s col-leges. Men’s colleges have too many gays. They band together to state “let’s get him to be gay.” Unassuming young man is badgered until he can’t answer this try out everything and then decide idea. They even have college courses on sexuality where gays coming out talk about more than heavy breathing and go on excursions together.How do they get A+
A fourth father sent her daughter to a midwest Catholic college with four in a cottage dorm room. She came out alright.
College is a breeding ground for the pursuit of marriage. This is where you can meet the biggest population of the other gender who is as smart as you.
This is where many fool around. Why is the word “fool” in that sentence? A fool’s paradise is to have too many lovers and no one that loves you.
Catholics still teach how love comes about. Serve those that are suffering. Withdraw from having something intimate you don’t understand yet. Do you serve another by inviting yourself into their room? No.
Why is womb and room so close in pronunciation? Once in a room a man gets into a woman’s womb. Don’t come into my room and you won’t be in my womb is ancient wisdom.
This way I won’t have your baby. I won’t have brain abuse. It is such a self abuse to have a high without care for a lifetime that a person becomes less smart. They cannot decide to judge a person by his statements again very well. Every virgin growing up and that’s everybody can judge a person by their statements. What happens after a high excite-ment without care and commitment for a lifetime? Whatever their mate said before the high excitement they tend to seek for years to come as ideal.
If taken by rape she has to train herself first to admonish the behavior, then train herself to forget it, then exalt all gentle behavior. Being away from any man for a couple years helps this woman recover.
Woman, a shelter is all you’ve got between you and a brute, a spoiled man or a husband in the making. A man is stronger than a woman. He can do what he wants once in a home of a woman.
Even a nice man thinks he will just kiss and good by after listening to music together in her dorm room. He doesn’t realize the animal inclination is to lay down like a magnet on couch, floor or bed.
Women are not equal here. The best a college can do is discuss breeding behavior. For its best effects have single room single gender dorms with security officer
for evening signatures and no pot. Offer coed parties on first floor every Friday and everybody is happy.
“Dad I’m engaged and we’re going to live off campus” is a great relief and
a blessing to all. Ask colleges to give permission to live off campus only this way.

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