Dé Sathairn, Meitheamh 12, 2010

World Cup Notes

First a quick rundown on the work ahead for team USA

Maximum # of Points (3 for a win, 1 for a tie) needed to advance: 7
Minumum # of Points needed to advance: 3

In all likelihood, five points would be enough to advance, while seven points would almost certainly be enough to win the group and, assuming that Germany doesn't get upset in Group D, avoid the Huns in the round of 16.

Best Case (Plausible) Scenario for first round of Group C Games:

USA beats England by a goal
Algeria and Slovenia tie

Most Likely Scenario for first round of Group C Games

England beats USA by a goal
Algeria and Slovenia tie

Other World Cup Thoughts:

I still think South Africa wins their group. Everyone says that they're the worst home team since the USA in 94 and that's probably true, but nobody else in Group A is all that either. The France/Uruguay game looked like a couple of hungover Serie B sides pecking about.

I must also question the wisdom of Uruguay deliberately playing for the 0-0 draw. The notion that France is the group favorite is based on historical reputation, not recent form. I think the South Americans are mistaken if they think the win they'll eventually need will come any easier against either Mexico or the RSA, and more to the point, playing for a scoreless draw is pussy bullshit.

On similar lines, the USA has no reason not to go all out for a win today. Mainly, as I said before, because Germany is in the opposite group. I have faith that we'll come out from our own end and play ball.

Seriously Henry? Seriously man? No, no, no, seriously man?

Maradona is looking quite pimp I must say. Not that coke-addled Marxists ever offended me in the least, maybe you're stuck up that way but I can only speak for myself.

Finally I would like to mention that I'm happy the Cornhuskers are leaving the league of snake-dancing Yahoos for the Big Ten. I'm feeling more civilized already.

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