Dé Céadaoin, Meitheamh 16, 2010

World Cup Notes

Didn't see either of the Group H openers but, holy shit, what's up Switzerland?!

It is funny how the draw lined up formerly hegemonic European powers with their old American colonies isn't it? (England and USA, Portugal and Brazil, Spain, Honduras and Chile.)

Okay, so Brazil didn't "fuck up" North Korea, and good for the NKs! If they keep playing eight defenders they might play spoiler to either Pourtugal or Ivory Coast, (aka the Black Keys, damn I'm clever)as far as advancing to the next round themselves, forget about it, their goal came on the only shot of theirs that wasn't cartoonishly awful. Though sometimes that works I guess.

I've heard the NK's 'fans' are actually Chinese actors, and their 'celebration' of Ji
's goal made it perfectly clear that this was the case. A real goal celebration is something like an orgasm mixed with a mass street brawl, while whoever it was in the stands wearing NK's colors looked more like the 8-bit sea of faces found in Tecmo Bowl or RBI baseball, the ones who would express excitement by opening their mouths so wide that they swallowed themselves into oblivion.

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