Dé Luain, Meitheamh 14, 2010

World Cup Notes

Paraguay is leading Italy at halftime, which raises the question of how many degrees of the Paraguayans female relations will be called whores before one of them takes the bait, throws a punch, and gets kicked out. Fell free to comment and guess. Guess correctly and you might win a prize.

First Degree: (Daughters, Mothers, Wives, Sisters)
Second Degree: (Grandaughters, Grandmothers, Nieces, sisters-in-law)
Third Degree: (First Cousins, Grandaughters or Grandmothers-in-law)
Further Still???

Bring it home Paraguay. Do it vicariously for Messi and Zidane and everyone else who got fucked over by Italian thug bullshit.

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