Dé Sathairn, Meitheamh 19, 2010

World Cup

Well I noticed (But did not see, 6:30 AM American Central time, hell naw) that Germany lost yesterday partly due to a missed penalty kick, which is the sort of Cardinal fuckup that Germans never make, still I think they'll be fine.

African teams continue to falter on their home continent, Ghana could only tie a ten-man Australia, and Cameroon is the first team to lose any chance of making the knockout phase. The favoritism shown towards Australia on ESPN was pretty blatant. If they think we Yankees consider other English-speaking peoples to be blood brothers or something I think they've got it wrong, the Limeys, Aussies, and Aparthies are only slightly less Socialist than the rest of the rabble that makes up the rest of the world, so far as we're concerned.

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