Dé Domhnaigh, Meitheamh 27, 2010

World Cup Notes

About our defeat I have nothing to say except; oh God damnit, God damnit so much.

I did tell you we weren't that good didn't I? Godamnit so much.

I see that Germany tore England apart while I was sleeping through Sunday morning. Good; fuck England. The English are never as good as their fans or their media think they are but still it's been a long time since they've gotten fucked up like this. I did see that they had a wrongly disallowed goal that they can latch on to as the reason they lost by three goals. Good for them. The English have never truly deserved to lose you understand, they only ever do because of the dark conspiring of a vengeful world. This game is still your personal possession England, hold on to that thought and don't ever let reality get in the way.

Goddamnit so much.

And finally Mexico, the last Concacaf team, needs to make a big comeback against Argentina, or more likely get torched the fuck out themselves. I'll cheer for them to pull off the miracle, come what may. Who else am I going to cheer for now after all?

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