Dé hAoine, Meitheamh 25, 2010

Last of The Group Games.

And thank God, as it turns out. Brazil and Portugal played ball a little bit but overall were basically happy with the scoreless draw. Spain and Chile started out good, with Chile going down two goals and a man before pulling one back, but than went and pulled a mini-Gijon with each other over the last fifteen minutes. This is Switzerland's fault in the end, the team that beat the co-favorites in their first game but couldn't beat a mathematically dead Honduras today. So at the end of their game Chile gets the message that the Swiss needed two goals in the last ten minutes (to beat Chile out GD) and that they looked not remotely capable of getting them; and so lo there was philiad among the nations.

Of course, the fact that today's results set up two regional derbies; Brazil vs. Chile and Spain vs. Portugal, teams that all involver would love to play and beat on this stage, probably also had something to do with their decisions to lay back. I can understand, but I don't have to like it.

In other Cup news, it's wooden Spoon time!

25. Serbia: 3 pts. -1 GD
26. Italy: 2 pts. -1 GD
27.Nigeria: 1 pt. -2 GD (3 GS)
28.Algeria: 1 pt. -2 GD (0 GS)
29. France: 1 pt. -3 GD (1 GS)
30.Honduras:1 pt. -3 GD (0 GS)
31.Cameroon:0 pts. -3 GD
32.No.Korea:0 pts.-11 GD

North Korea's three losses and negative eleven goal difference make them officially the worst World Cup team since Saudi Arabia in 2002. I would write something snarky about that here, but there is very little doubt that all of those men are going to die. They and their entire extended families are all going to hellishly die. And I am no monster to joke of that.

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