Dé Sathairn, Bealtaine 22, 2010

Had a Dream About Going to Greenland

I was in the capital, Nuuk. It was summer I think, always sunny, never dark. Place looked like Southern California except for occasional piles of dirty snow. In my dream the main street was named Kaiser Boulevard. It was a multi-lane urban thoroughfare that I drove in a red Honda. Gradually the boulevard petered out into a two lane road on the outskirts of town, until finally it ended on top of a hill, where I was surrounded by creatures that seemed to be part beaver, part porcupine, part centipede, part platypus, and part carpet, multiple neon colors. I had to kill several to get my car back into town though I regretted it.

I apologized to the locals about it. They seemed unbothered by it, they never said anything. They were all white. They all had the look of Colorado ski bums. I don't know. We interacted with each other through gestures and telepathy at a cabin that I sensed was at the northern end of Greenland, which is a long way from Nuuk, you can't just drive there. I could have just ditched the car and let the creatures live but honestly I feared them.

I think I had sex with at least one of the female Greenlanders, though I didn't specifically dream about it. It was just in the background, a throwaway sentence about a literary character's distant past, not important just filler.

I think I'm going to go to Greenland, it will be summer soon, tolerable for southerners, and I'm sure it's fascinating. I could hitchhike to Labrador and than catch a ride on a plane or a boat, get back before Fall, Midnight sun and all that. It's something anyway.

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