Dé Sathairn, Bealtaine 08, 2010

Evidence of Methamphetimine Abuse

.Chronic Acne
.Driving Car Less than half the distance from gas pumps to store proper and parking in the middle of the drive
.Begging to be allowed in front of me in line and than fidgiting with impulse-buy toys the entire time.
. Asking me what the undergrad girls behind us were looking at and then freezing in horror when I said they were looking at themselves on the security camera.
. Primal mammalian neck scratching.
. Buying ten dollars worth of water and juice with food stamps*

*Smoking crystal meth (aka 'sucking the devil's dick) causes the most profound case of cottenmouth one could possibly imagine. It basically turns your saliva into damp sand. Never mind how I know.

Cutish looking Latina girl in the So. 13th Casey's. Give her a shower a sandwich and a nap and she could be very desirible. Probably has a boy somewhere in the neighborhood keeping her gacked out though. Pity.

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