Dé Sathairn, Eanáir 03, 2009

Because You Seem to be Confused

Here's a little lifeline to the right, since I do try to be a nice guy.

Nobody hates Nancy Pelosi except you. She isn't particularly liked mind you. She's not the rare Obama style superpolitician that gets people to actually admire her, but there is none of the fear and loathing around Pelosi that one sees around Hillary Clinton.

Nobody except you is afraid of Nancy Pelosi. Let me reemphasize this, because judging by the past three years of "San Francisco values" boogata boogata you seem to think that there's an uninformed public out there that just needs to know about Nancy Pelosi before she becomes a figure of mass revulsion and the public triumphantly returns the GOP to power in order to stop the devil woman.

The fact of the matter is that we do know Nancy Pelosi. We find her to be boring and unremarkable, but we don't hate her, and we're not going to.

Did you really think that we wouldn't notice the same charges of bossiness or haggery directed at every prominent Democratic female? Well, it's especially pathetic when directed against Pelosi. All you're doing here is weakening this line of attack for the day when some avenging butch liberal Amazon roars down from the plains and really makes entitled white male brats feel insecure. Your cries of political correctness whenever someone calls you out on this game of yours will only grow lamer and more irritating to the reasonable person.

For two election cycles you have tried to cast Pelosi as a castrating harpy, and twice in a row it has spectacularly failed, nay, perfectly failed. I am quite confident that the demonization of Pelosi has not affected a single one of the millions of votes cast in either election.

And still you fellas keep at it. My God it's like watching a man starve to death trying to fish with an unbaited hook. It's as if you actually believe your own cartoonish horseshit about what "True Americans" are like. It's as if you you really do believe your own strawmen of what liberals are secretly thinking.

And that's simply too God-damned tragic to contemplate on a cold and cloudy day, so I just thought I'd help you all out.

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