Dé Domhnaigh, Aibreán 03, 2011

Satanism on The Internet


There are, apparently, high-level officials in the Vatican, people who are major figures of the modern, 21st century world, are entitled to a full team of professional bodyguards courtesy of any nation they visit, who make full use of the internet, take full advantage of the latest medical and scientific advances, can make at least a bit of small talk in several languages; etc, etc, who honestly believe that there is such a thing as Satanism. Not, mind you, Anton Levey's 'Objectivism for theatre geeks' but bonafide 'getting drunk on virgin blood, Speaking Latin backwards while wearing a mask made out of a goat skull , ritualized infant rape, gleefully getting sodomized by Old Scratch himself' Satanism. Furthermore they believe that these real-deal Satanists are using the internet to lure children who aren't using their computer time for something more spiritually healthy, like arranging to meet Fr. Jim after midnight for a walk through the park.

I have nothing further to add to this. The fact that this is something that Serious, Important Men actually believe really does speak for itself doesn't it?

"Kill the good! Kill the good! Kill the good!"

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