Dé Máirt, Aibreán 19, 2011

Arise Ye Sons of Harlotry

"No one can seriously believe that the constitution's authors intended to create a right to same-sex marriage," Rep. Lamar Smith- Texas

What Smith says is indeed true. If you give the Constitution a close, honest, patriotic reading, one in which the reader always remembers that the Founding Fathers sought to ensure our freedom by creating a single, eternal philosophy of proper governance that every generation shall always be compelled to unquestionably obey, you will find that the Sacred Document has absolutely nothing to say about marriage of any kind. And of course since those human rights mentioned in our own Bill of Rights are the only ones that do or were ever meant to exist, this can only mean that our holy Founding Fathers sought not only to prevent the abomination of gay marriage from ever reaching our shores, but the abomination of marriage.

It is obvious friends that only Bastards were ever intended to be citizens of the United States, and that we will never return to the 'shining city on the hill' until children of legally married couples are striped of all voting rights and legal protections, and all non-bastard office-holders are impeached. Every judge or priest who has deprived this country of true sons and daughters by performing the blasphemous wedding ceremony must be shot for a traitor. And those swine who defile our gene pool by producing children with their 'husbands' and 'wives' deserve no better.
True patriots serve their country by having unprotected sex with strangers. In order to restore Bastard Americans to our rightful majority we must begin a program of recruiting Third-World prostitutes to our shores immediately. And while I loathe the thought of granting amnesty to illegal immigrants as well as anyone, the truth is that the Guatemalan streetwalker who brings seven illiterate children from seven different fathers is not only no criminal, but the greatest friend America can have in these dark days. Such women should not only be allowed to stay, but granted a pension large enough to live as royally as saviors of the Republic deserve.

It I realize how distressing it must be, to comprehend the fact that every great question of every age, every election for every office, has been polluted with the fraudulent voice of non-Bastards. But do not despair. There is a reason that America has managed to survive and even somewhat thrive in it's corrupted, extra-Constitutional state for so long. You see my friend, even though we Bastards have been denied the aristocratic power that is our god-given right, our innate genetic superiority has still ensured that the great halls of government, industry, finance, and faith have all been disproportionally controlled by pure, full-blooded, perfect Bastards. No one with a basic knowledge of US history cant deny this.

Do not doubt for a second friend that we shall prevail. America will be America again, and with enough holy blood and sacrifice the world shall be ruled by Bastards. God bless you, God save all the Bastards of the world, and God bless the Bastard states of America.

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