Dé Luain, Aibreán 11, 2011

Chrisma Madness!!

Canisters of lethal gas have been found a Walmart's stock section next to canisters of propane. The lethel gas comes from China and has a slightly different label.

Volunteer to group to get genocide liking monocultures Moslems and Chinese out of your college. This is urgent because foreigners in the military have done away with our military men. Foreign students turn into armies pretty fast that Obama let in with free tuition with the DREAM act. Demand we have only American professors for ten years.


Communists always put in the news what kind of rible they have. Rebels in Libya stated they have khalaznakov rifles. They got the arsenals from some Russians. Palestinians obtained their rockets from china. Recently Israelis got ahold of two Palestinian boats full of ammunition.

What are foreigners doing?

Ask you spouse to lay on the couch once a month while you play psychologist. Switch positions after an hour.

Pass the pencil from one person to another as you eat. The one with the pencil can talk up tp five minutes about any or a specific problem.

What happened to all the whites of South Africa?

Why are whites not allowed in the Congo?

How many military have had sexual harassment at a bunk by a gay?

How many gays in the military have been treasonous?

Why does FCC not test electronics for subliminals any more?

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