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The Tom Shatel Peanut Gallery Review/Or; Bo Pelini Exists as a Test of Loyalty to Bo Pelini


"Nice one Shatel- you criticize the man for making a mistake, then you criticize how he apologized. Husker fans love Bo's passion- but it come's with the whole package. And all you columnists do is criticize. I hope Bo and the Huskers don't think that you speak for the majority. Keep up the good work Bo."

"You would think that Perlman would be able to talk to Pelini behind closed doors instead of drawing more media attention to the situation, kind of like you(Shatel) said Pelini should have done to Martinez. I don't totally agree with everything Bo does, Watson is still employed with the university of Nebraska right, anyway did you watch the game Shatel? Aren't the refs paid to call a fair, clean game? Apparently hands to the face and holding are legal now. One thing is for sure the refs got paid. One more thing if Martin got suspended for a personal foul, Jerod-Eddie Should be suspended for molestation. That was wrong in more than one way."

"Really Tom? Implying that we should be frightened because he goes into some kind of rage blackout? How about recognizing that Bo refused to take the endless baiting from the media to call the referees out directly. He and the young men he leads get royally hosed for an entire game, and you somehow fail to mention this obvious reason for his actions in your speculation of "how it happened".
How about being a little bit more direct yourself and discussing the penalty disparity when that crew calls NU games rather than painting our coach as some kind of possessed demon that can't explain his actions."

"Right folks. Go Bo!! I remember the talking heads (Shatel) as also the ones who sided with Callahan and Pedersen awhile back. Oh--and that 2-3 million plus dollars---why have our columnists dropped that one?? Why isn't the main point about the accountability of some of the Aggie late hits, etc. and poor officiating? Coach Pelini knows that we all get a little over the line and as always he will "fess" up to it!! Until you folks have walked even 10 feet in those coaching shoes---just cheer!!"

"This article was worst than your sunday article and I didn't think that was possible. Why don't you and the rest of the staff ******* Pelini for the day and look into the Big 12 and the referees? Maybe because that would take too much work on your part. Its easy to focus on Pelini, but you might take a little more time and research to look into why NU only has a player suspended and we don't here anything from the Big 12 when Cotton is molested."

Quick Survey. What does "*******" Pelini stand for exactly?

A. Marinate?
B Defenestrate?
C.Spiritually Nourish?
D. Autotune?
E. Other?

I think the one who need to apologize to the fans is not Pelini, it is NU Chancellor Harvey Perlman for hiring Steve Pederson. Steve in turn fired Frank Solich and hired a horrible coach named Bill Callahan. Steve also wrote PADDED contracts for Callahan and himself worth millions even if they were fired. All these decisions were approved and oversaw by good old Perlman. So Harvey I think you owe us an apology for destroying husker football the last decade and costing the program millions of dollars (way worse than yelling at a ref). You are so lucky to still have a job because you pushed all blame all on Pederson and Callahan.
In my opnion I think we should let our coach (winning coach) be passionate about his job and we should get an apology from Mr. Perlman.


While Harvey Perlman is something of a twit, his continued employment probably has something to do with his obscure non-football related duties.

"Scary? You cannot be serious here Tom. We have seen this before from Pelini. Don't act so shocked.
-Did Pelini let things get out of hand? Yes. But the officiating was WAY out of hand.
-I would rather have someone who is willing to stand up for something he believes is wrong than a bunch of PC crap from local writers who are afraid to call a spade a spade. You are playing right into what Dan Beebe wants you to do: Take attention away from what has been the biggest disgrace in college football since Reggie Bush. "Forward progress had been stopped." Does that ring a bell? Has a replayed call all year gone our way? We haven't got a holding call in almost 300 consecutive plays! For cring out loud how much more do you need to see before you think something might be going on behind closed doors.
-I realize you wanted to write a story that looks at a bigger picture than just what happened on Saturday, but until someone from OWH gives me an article that takes an in-depth look at Big 12 officaiting and calls them what they are this will be mine and everyone else's response...yawn"

Shatel, once again you prove to me that you are a shoddy journalist and I use that term loosely (journalist that is). I am so sick and tired of the media, especially you, beating a dead horse to death. Put this one to bed and go out there and do some real investigative and unbiased reporting, like why that officiating crew saw Nebraska three times this year!

For all those 'embarassed' and 'ashamed' of Bo, grow up. Everyone who's ever played a sport in their life has been yelled at by a coach just like Bo did to Taylor. Yeah he needs to tone his approach to the refs, but the fact is that they are supposed to be objective, and if they let Bo's rants get to them that's their problem. Bo is good for the program and keeps the players in order, you dont see 30 players getting arrested in 3 or 4 years like you do with Iowa and Florida and other programs. GBR."

I think Bo Pelini has a great mind for football and his competive passion gives him the energy to win. I also see what a faithfilled familyman and husband he is. I hope Bo can receive some spiritual direction this week. He can put Christ back in the middle of yes, even football, and be the Coach he was created to be."

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