Dé Céadaoin, Samhain 10, 2010

Chrisma Woman: 'INCEDENTARY' edition

Before 1920 there were no income taxes. Federal gov-ernment got all their needs met with import taxes.
We need our factories back. We can place import taxes on electronics from China. This encourages electronics made here without subliminals. Other factories can flourish here in the states too. More factories here mean a better economy with more jobs.
People delight in making things. We have to move forward with some inventions Asians already have. Plastics with clay may mold more intricate artistic products.
Only a tiny tariff added and the end of income tax is in sight.

Students can study longer while in a school bus on their way to and from school.
Outfit our school buses as you would an airplane with folding mini tables that come out in front of a seated child.
A ceiling light can be turned on in winter months when the sun sets early. This increases study time. Seat belted stu-dents are better behaved. Students with tables and light can have better academic scores. Tables are not steady for writing but a book on a table with a light encourages reading. We don’t want stu-dents to be on a bus more than an hour.
Southern states can have bike and bus commuting for more fitness, less gas used and more kids getting home faster.
To encourage fitness let’s have bike races for ages 9-12 on a country road at the end of the school year. All you need is thread for the finish line.
We suggest stolen bikes from police can be given to Christian groups to hand out to no income families for nine year olds under the Christmas tree. Then every kid can join the race in May.

The problem is Chinese have incedentaries that are silent and in this country now. It pulverizes a three story building like Ferguson Hall at UNL. Chinese adver-tized houses being pulverized as seen from above with footage on America’s TV commercials for a year. Of course they are the ones doing the demolitions. Chi-nese have to be escorted out of this country. We don’t know what exact Chinese person is responsible for all the subliminals and inceden-taries so get them all out. 99% are likely to be guilty including students. Obama is getting a trillion dollars a month from Chinese by buying our bonds. Is Obama going to get Chinese out of this country?
Another answer is to have only clear plastic backpacks in this country. Set a time in a month se every school kid, college student, American and visiting foreigner has to have a clear plastic backpack instead. In WWII we made all women to no longer wear nylons. Help make clear plastic backpacks the law in every state.
Sometimes Russians wear these backpacks so we cannot check whether they are Americans or Russians by looking at their faces.
X-ray cars as they come into America. Can we x-ray cars and luggage as they come across the Mississippi and Missouri river over our bridges? Can we x-ray cars and luggage when going from state to state as one would at customs? Protect the innocent

A South Korean single woman coming into the home of a married woman stops at the wedding picture to admire for 5 minutes. They rarely divorce and almost all marry young. They form bible groups in their homes to cull who to marry. Only 20% get into their colleges in South Korea. Many come here wanting their teen children to go to college and they are brilliant. They test for col-lege several times and com-pare scores in their con-versations even if they are bound for art school. Average age a woman gets their own business is 26 compared to age 50 for an American woman. Very few use drugs. They commonly work up to 80 hours a week. Their children go to classes until 8PM like they do in South Korea. South Koreans are kind and modest despite their flare for designer clothes. Buy from them instead.

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