Dé Céadaoin, Samhain 17, 2010

Stand Your Ground 'Self-Defense Law' coming to Unicameral


sen. Mark Christensen of Imperial, who I best remember for thanking God for his Aryan looking children in an interview to the Journal-Star a few years back, wants to introduce a law removing the 'duty to retreat' for those threatened with attack from inside their homes or vehicles. This is a fad that's been pushed by the NRA and other groups in various states in recent years, and the purpose is quite obviously to make the 'man's home is his castle' saw literally encoded in law. Personally I like the retreat law. But maybe that's just because I've been feminized enough to think that violence is bad-in-itself, and that the choice between the good guys life and bad guys life should best be avoided until it is absolutely impossible. Surely the graveyards are full of enough real men who took heroic stands against evil, relished in making offenders suffer, and than wilted to death from old age to prove that macho is bullshit. Apparently some don't think so.

The bill is a clear example of what the right wing considers freedom to be, which is not democracy as much as democratic feudalism. (Hence the pedantic insistence that we are a republic instead of a democracy in some libertarian circles.) By this thinking the right to vote and speak ones mind are a good deal less important than the right to punish personal offenses however a (White, Christian) man sees fit, up to and including most crucially having some power over life and death. Legal equality exists only to provide a fair playing field for men to fight for dominance and expand their fiefs, while social equality, not just forced economic equality but any attempt to alter the social hierarchy, is the blackest of all evils.

In the New York Times I read of a man who helped to attach some right-to-carry boilerplate in a Congressional bill meant to give citizens of Washington DC. better federal representation. He admitted, or rather bragged, about not giving a damn whether the people of DC had the right to vote or not. they are nothing but a bunch of Brown peasents, and living in an urban environment like that requires a good deal of innate cooperativeness between citizens. That makes them doubly evil, so fuck em.


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