Dé Luain, Aibreán 12, 2010

It's Refreshing when They're Straight up About How They Think.

And also profoundly strange.

Leadership requires a maturity of judgment that enables one to recognize and confront reality even when reality is not as hoped. President Barack Obama's actions repeatedly demonstrate an absence of this essential maturity.

"Consider as examples his New Start Treaty and his plan to stop using our nuclear arsenal as a deterrent to aggressors. Watching him in both instances is like watching the governor of Nebraska develop and implement a plan to treat equally the Russian Brotherhood, the Chinese Tongs, the Mexican Mafia, the drug-dealing branch of the Hell's Angels, Chief Tom Casady and the Nebraska State Patrol.

Although he went to Normandy, the president seems nonetheless to ignore the 400,000 Gold Star mothers from World War II whose sons lie buried across the world where they died defending freedom as well as the mass graves of the oppressed buried by tyrants from Japan and Germany; China and Russia; Serbia, Iraq and Iran.

Obama needs to stop trying to NEUTER the United States, whose nuclear weapons have made the world a safer place, and start trying to help Israel NEUTER the Iranians and other actual threats to human rights and liberty.
" William Stone, Lincoln Journal Star, 4/12/1010

I guess I should be disturbed by the tacit equation between male sexuality and the ability/willingess to kill and destroy without restraint, but its not as if stone Willy is the one who made that up, it's an idea that every strapping Midwestern lad has had, how can I say, shoved down his throat since the days of our ancestors. It's a mindset that's been elaborated and critiqued to the point of nausea and I'm in no mood scold Stone Willy for his hard, towering brutishness.

Those who equate virility with the capacity for violent force have already been made into laughable figures by more talented effete eggheads than myself. And yet these guys are still out there, perfectly devoid of any sense of humor and irony and only dimly aware that anyone snickers at them. And isn't that whats funniest of all?

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