Dé Céadaoin, Aibreán 14, 2010

“I am NOT an African American, I am Lloyd Marcus, AMERICAN”.

"Lloyd Marcus, (black) Unhyphenated American, Tea Party Spokesperson and Troubadour, releases his much anticipated book; Confessions of a Black Conservative: How the Left has shattered the dreams of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Black America.

Mr. Marcus travels extensively singing his originals, American Tea Party Anthem and Twenty Ten, Vote Them Out to thousands in audiences across America. At each event Marcus receives raucous applause for his signature statement, “I am NOT an African American, I am Lloyd Marcus, AMERICAN”.

Lloyd Marcus believes America is the greatest land of opportunity on the planet for all who simply choose to Go For It! It is Mr. Marcus’ wish that this book will contribute to opening the eyes of his fellow black Americans who have been deceived for so many years by liberal leaders committed to keeping them on the victim-hood plantation of Liberalism.

Lloyd Marcus, international singer/songwriter/entertainer/columnist/artist tells in his new book, through his own personal stories which chronicles the virtues of Conservatism in common sense easy to understand non political terms, why Conservatism is best for all Americans.

About the Author: Lloyd Marcus was born in the ghetto of East Baltimore and by the young age of 9 recognized the entitlements from government birthed resentment and hostilities. Fortunately, Lloyd Marcus’ dad rose above and as a responsible father, brought his family out of the ghetto and raised Mr. Marcus and his siblings into fine responsible Americans relying on their education and faith in the American Way.

Lloyd Marcus resides in Deltona Florida with his wife as President of the Deltona Arts & Historical Center. He travels with the Tea Party Express and appears at conservative events expressing his belief that Conservatism is best for All Americans. He is available to speak at events promoting Conservatism.

Mr. Marcus’ American Tea Party Anthem, the rally song of the Tea Party Movement is available on the American Tea Party full cd/album of 12 great conservative Take Back America patriotic upbeat songs."


Imagine, if you will, the Plymouth colonists being the only people to ever settle in a previously empty North America, without any other ethnic group ever making the voyage voluntarily or otherwise, so that the Pilgrims were left to inbreed amongst themselves until the current population of the United States was made up entirely of three hundred and ten million Anglo-Saxon Phillip Frys. Do you think it would be remotely possible for every individual within this albino horde to have a uniform understanding of who 'we' are? An unvarying notion of what constitutes "we"?

However angel-dust-lemming-insane the American Right has become in the past twenty years, it has always managed to stop just shy of descending into full-on fascism, and I think this is one of the key reasons why. Fascism understands that uniform national identity needs to be imposed on the unwilling, whereas American conservatives are either naive and/or outright stupid enough to think that it is somehow the natural order of things for three hundred million sons of bitches to have a singular social identity, and that some dark p.c. conspiracy is the only explanation for why this isn't so. Multiculturalism cannot possibly be the logical outcome of global capitalism, because Real Americans 'know' that capitalism is perfectly good, and multiculturalism brings people who pray to Gods that are not the mirror image of Real Americans. It brings people who speak different languages, and different languages remind Real Americans that they aren't the subject of every ones conversation and the center of every ones universe; and that makes them feel bad.

One may think the fact that a Black man can pride himself on being a Real American; the universal standard of human normality locked in eternal combat against a world of effeminate enemies, is just about the ultimate proof that multiculturalism is damned high inevitable. Nonsense. Lloyd Marcus proves just the opposite don't you see? He was simply able to recognize that there is a standard, concrete, and unchanging American culture, which by pure coincidence just happens to be Northern European and Protestant, and that it was his patriotic duty to become the WASP Leviathan. And there's no reason why those God Damned hoodrats can't do the same. If they can't or won't submit then fuck em; they can just stay in the gutter and; well, not starve, we'll find something to lock em up for and then I supose we'll feed them, but fuck em all the same. We tread on you, and don't you ever forget it ya filthy pissants.

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