Dé Céadaoin, Márta 11, 2009

Home Alone

The name of the villains of the film, "The Wet Bandits", is clearly meant to evoke pedophilia in the mind of the viewer, encouraging him to cheer at the medieval abuse the bandits suffer in the climax of the film.

Just look at Daniel Stern's face in the photo, it's clearly the sneer of someone about to do something naughty. While it's possible that amateur thieves, college boys stealing a rival school's mascot, for example, may sneer at the cleverness of their actions, it simply isn't the look of a professional thief robbing a house for the fiftieth time. No, this is the look of someone who has just found out the girl next to him in bed isn't really eighteen, and is glad to hear it.

As if to remove all doubt in the manner, the DVD cover of "Home Alone 2" shows the Wet Bandits gleefully plunging a "skyscraper" into young Kevin's rectum.

Yet another case of supposedly light entertainment being used to enforce puritanical notions of sin and righteous punishment. The highly professionalized crime of house burglary is associated with unspeakably vile acts, so that the average citizen will equate common criminals with the lowest of the low, and acquiesce to any act of brutality against the common criminal that is done in the name of clensing him of his affliction, returning him to the dominant paradigm.

I have some friends who are new parents, and I have already warned them to never allow their children to see "Home Alone" at Christmastime unless they want to raise the next Torquemada.

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