Dé Máirt, Bealtaine 01, 2007

Part 22

We were, oddly enough, very hungry after all this. We hadn't eaten well for the entire trip, you know. You really have no idea how physically draining it is too... never mind.

So we drove back into town and ate at the Pizza Hut. The Pine Ridge Pizza Hut sits inside of a corrugated metal shack. No salad bar, no Parmesan grinder, no free sides of ransh with our orders. No beer for sale of course. With twenty dollars we got a medium pizza with a giant circular mozzarella stick for a crust. It was transcendent.

On the wall a flier offered burned CDs to whoever wanted them. (Whatever Music you Listen TOO! Hip-hop! Rock! Rap! Country! Oldies!....) A tiny handful of people here have internet access, and they can make quite a hell of a living. There are no video or music stores here; there aren't any hotels or banks. So if one manages to scrape up enough money for a reasonably modern computer, the groupies will have to draw numbers.

We were in generally good spirits as we got in the car and turned towards Nebraska. We were going home tomorrow,and starting to think of the trip in the past-tense.
The money situation was starting to get interesting. We would be fine as long as another unexpected emergency didn't come up.

One last trip through Whiteclay. At the "tavern" on the south end we saw a heavy-set lady get dropped with a single punch to the face. Women are sacred.

Back to Rushville and the hotel. I worked on my notes and caught up to the present moment. We never did take that night walk around town, good. We were all drowsy and more introverted than usual. Dan showed flashes of maybe shutting the hell up. He never quite got there.

Paul and his blood feud with Ben Nelson; never mind. It was rather stupid, and really not pertinent to the narrative anyways.

There was one more thing left to do. Dan and I had spoken of brining a large shipment of Slurricane back to Lincoln. We even dreamed of converting people away from Old Style. We really didn't want to go back to Whiteclay again, that ship had sailed, but there was no need. We could just walk to the liquor store on the other side of town and get all the Hurricane we needed. We would have to hurry though, everything here closes at ten PM.

I'm afraid that we were'nt able to introduce the Sluricane to the capital city. Our claims to its effects are nothing but hearsay, believe what you will. Like I said, the money situation was getting interesting, so we didn't buy that much.

Well, I suppose we bought a fair amount, but, you know, the last three days had bee such an emotional rollar coaster, so once we started going, we....



Yes, we drank it all.

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