Déardaoin, Márta 17, 2011

This Just In

Phoenix's Sheriff Joe Arpaio has taken a break from hunting immigrants, (oh sorry, ILLEGAL!!111111111 immigrants) to find something else you need him to protect you from, protect you with his ferocious, hard, pulsating sense of masculine love for liberty and innocence.

And what could this latest outrage be? Trolling for animal sex on Craigslist. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2011/mar/16/sheriff-says-craigslist-facilitates-bestiality/

Yes friends, there are apparently some people who use the internet to procure socially deviant liaisons. I'm sure you're just as shocked and terrified as I am, but never fear! Simply submit yourselves to Joe Arpaio, he of the unyielding rigidity that makes a true father, and we will be safe.

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