Dé Céadaoin, Márta 16, 2011


The Unicameral is considering a bill banning legal defences of 'insanity due to crunkness.'

"If you make a conscious choice to drink or get high, you should be held responsible for your behavior," (Colby) Coash said before the vote. "History has shown that neither jurors nor the public at large accept the idea that someone should be legally excused for criminal acts due to claiming temporary 'mental illness' after voluntarily ingesting drugs or alcohol. It is time to remove the possibility of this defense for good."

The first part of Coashs' statement is in fact true, and then he cites the fact that jurors do not typically but this line of defense as reason for why they should not be allowed to.

Well, I suppose I would only be a criminal-loving fairy if I pointed out how stupid this is; so; alright then.

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