Dé hAoine, Márta 19, 2010

What The Fuck You Think You Know About The Velvet Revolution Cujo?

"I look back 20 years ago in the square in Prague... when tens of thousands showed up there and they shook their keys peacefully and they took over their country and they achieved their freedom back again," he said. "If you can keep coming to this city, fill up the congressional offices across the country but jam this city. If you can get on your cell phones, and get on your Blackberries and your email, and ask people to keep coming to this town. Storm this city, fill up Washington D.C., jam this capital so they can't move. And if tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of you show up, we will win. We will defeat this bill and you will have your liberty back." -Steve King, Congressman for Western Iowa. The population centers for this region are Sioux City and Council Bluffs so, there you go.

Let's be clear. You know nothing of freedom you self-absorbed puritan asshole. You, the Tea Baggers, and "movement conservatism" as a whole, with its all-consuming ideology, claimed monopoly on morality and truth, and triumphal sense of entitlement to the levers of power, has far more in common with Soviet thugs than any meek Democratic proposal to expand the social safety net. The people of the Czech Republic, who I am proud to call my ninth or tenth cousins, did not take to the streets because they hated taxes, poor people or health care. (Which has, by the way, always been an entitlement for post-communist Czechs.) The Velvet Revolution was a movement led by those faggy artist types. It was a revolution for self-determination, freedom of conscience, and freedom of expression. You and your ilk have no clue of what these things are, and it is clear that you have no desire to know. Freedom to you is nothing but perfect self-assurance of your own righteousness, while oppression is the thought of you and your constituency not getting your mean and miserly way for the first time in decades.

I had thought that the "Reagan won the Cold War" myth was insult enough to the Eastern Bloc patriots who did the real work of staring down Soviet tanks. But no, you had to go and compare those damn Tea Party knuckleheads to my brave revolutionary twelfth cousins. May you forever be defenestrated in effigy for your insult to all true lovers of freedom and the Czech people

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