Déardaoin, Márta 18, 2010

Pretty Much Yeah.

"No doubt, most St. Pat’s revelers have been motivated by nothing other than the desire to have a little fun. But it’s worth asking why this desire took the form it did. Many white Americans really are Irish, of course, but the reason so many white people of all ethnic backgrounds celebrate this one ethnic holiday rather than, say, Oktoberfest, goes deeper. It would be a little weird, not to say unseemly, for Americans of English or German descent to parade in the street celebrating their ethnic heritage. To do so would be like dancing in the end zone of colonial history. And so, because the Irish were actually the subjects of discrimination and oppression, Irishness has become the go-to white ethnicity."
- Matthew Schmitz


Yup. The Irish are everyone's favorite White ethnicity on account of being the colonizee instead of colonizer; and though this is not a stunning or profound observation by any means congrats to Schmitz all the same for writing what someone had to. Of course the Irish are not the only Europeans who have been the victims instead of the culprits of imperialism. And that brings us to our next post.

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