Dé Luain, Feabhra 25, 2008

Boy Scouts

I've been thinking of the Boy Scouts refusal to allow homosexuals in their ranks lately. I'm not sure why, but I think it's the similarity to Catholicism, the inherent contradiction of an institution that is both authoritarian and homophobic.

Because look, I know I'm beating a Mr. Heartland horse here, but if you think that respect for authority and reverence for tradition are good and necessary things that must be taught to children; you're probably gay. One cannot love a great father without, at some point in life, having loved a big daddy.

Robert-Baden Powell, the British war hero who founded the Scouts, was known to take photos of his early charges while they swam in the nude. When he was 55 he married a girl of 23 named Olive St. Clair Soames who kept her hair short and enjoyed wearing military-style uniforms. The psychological pain Powell suffered as a result of their close-eyed, as-many-clothes-kept-on-as-possible sex caused him serious health problems until the couple had produced sufficient heirs and he was able to take a separate bedroom.

I just thought I'd mention.

There's a movement about to legally force the Boy Scouts to accept homosexuals, and while this is well-meaning, the fact is that sexual repression and denial are the essential pillars of scouting and that the organization would cease to be without them.

So no, I can't support the movement to integrate the Scouts. What I will do is strongly advise you against signing your children on to this cute little fascist dress-up game and promise myself that no theoretical child of mine will ever be a poor deluded Boy Scout.

I'd rather see my son as an alter boy. At least then he can get raped indoors, with running water and all of the comforts of modern civilization.

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