Dé Sathairn, Iúil 19, 2008

Actual World-Herald Headline

"The 'Saddle Creek Generation' takes a cue from vintage listeners"

It seems that the (Choke) "Saddle Creek Generation" in addition to obsessing over failed relationships and awkwardly spouting liberal slogans, has the same taste for vinyl L.P's that every youngish music fan of every generation, every subculture, and every subgenre has had since the invention of the compact disc.

It is comforting, isn't it, that members of the (gargle) "Saddle Creek Generation" have shown their Midwestern essence by latching onto a (supposed) fad that could not possibly distinguish anybody from anyone.

I don't know how to say it, and yet I can't stop writing about it. I mean seriously, a vinyl collection is as universal as it gets.

"The 'Saddle Creek Generation' Enjoys Beer and Sex"

"The 'Saddle Creek Generation' will quote 'Simpsons' lines when conversation lulls."

"The 'Saddle Creek Generation' is happy at weddings and sad at funerals"

"Men of 'Saddle Creek Generation' are only pretending to enjoy Carly Simon"

"The 'Saddle Creek Generation' whispers at how mismatched you are with your girlfriend when you're not in the room"

"The tenacious comeback of classic vinyl LPs that started several years ago still is going strong."

Indeed it is John Keenen, indeed it is. Your piercing insight into the most obscure subcultural crevasses is truly exacerbating. I salute you sir. And I salute the entire staff of the World-Herald for extending showing such keen insight into youth culture.

Ya fucking dipshits.


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Anonymous said...

I laughed pretty hard at this one Josh.

To hell with Vinyl tho.