Dé Céadaoin, Meitheamh 11, 2008

Susan Smith

I was just reading about the one who drowned her kids about fifteen years back and blamed their disappearance on a phantom black man who who officials dutifully chsed around the country for nine days before the local sheriff employed time-tested Catholic tactics to elicit the down-home Llorona's confession.

I was thinking in particular of her sexual affairs. Smith was catting about with the son of a textile mill owner who was the major employer of her hometown of Union South Carolina. The theory goes that the rich dick didn't want kids, so Smith decided to dispose of her own in order to win his heart and position herself to become the economic crown princess of her town. Like I said, Daisy Mae La Llorona. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/La_Llorona

Smith was also still fooling around with her ex-husband, and the mill owner herself, and the step-father that had began raping her when she was fifteen. (A respected member of the community, the church, and the Republican Party by the way, I'd just thought I'd mention.) Her psychiatrists say that the abuse instilled Smith with an insatiable need for love and affection. Two guards have been fired from the prison where Smith is kept for providing vigorous love and affection.

I know I'm an evil man for thinking this, but I have a feeling that you're thinking it too. God damn but she must fuck like a beast.

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