Dé Luain, Meitheamh 30, 2008

On The Al Gorium. (Or Why Al Gore is not an Argument you Stupid Asshole.)

Don't act like you don't want what he's got bitch.

O.K. Slim, I'll try to explain this as simply as I can. The message is wholly, completely, totally, and utterly independent of the messenger in every way. If Hitler tells you that water is wet, water is wet. The fact that Al Gore has a big house means nothing. The fact that Al Gore has a private jet means nothing. If Al Gore had a fleet of three hundred diesel tankers idling in his back yard and running continuously simply to satiate his carbon monoxide fetish, it would mean nothing. The problem with killing the messenger is so obvious that it is almost universally known by its common name instead of the official Latin one. (That's Ad Hominem Slim")
There is no excuse whatsoever for anyone of average intelligence to think that either hypocrisy or perceived hypocrisy is relevent to anything whatsoever. The Ad Hominem is the tool of the moron and the liar and no one else.

It's not fair, I know, the fact that Al Gore has infinitely more money, power, and respect than you do, even though he doesn't know how to be a real man like you do. All the same, the way that Al Gore is jammed into global warming arguments like a frat house broom rape does betray a deep level of envy towards someone who's more successful than you, and that's not very conservative of you now is it Slim? A hundred years from now, Al Gore will be remembered in history with admiration and respect. Your great-grandchildren will read about his wisdom and his foresight while throwing your polaroid out with the cat liter. Fuck you.

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