Dé Máirt, Samhain 06, 2007

Last night

I dreamed that I had sex with an animated cat.

I can't help but think that the cat may be a metaphor for something.

She was, as I recall, a young cat, but not untowardly so. It wasn't at all erotic, strictly functional. I was meant to be a kind of instructor. The cat had been tapped to marry some important person,like a sultan, or a lawyer, or the manager of a large convenience store at a major intersection.

The look of the cat would change with every blink of the eye or change in position. Sometimes she was a pixar-style computer-generated cat, than she would take on corporal form, like a Muppet. Mostly she took on the vivid-paint look of Japanese anime. She might be black or blue or red or neon green. The color changes were completely random and had nothing to do with her mood, which was completely placid throughout.

I've never sat through an entire anime cartoon. I've only seen it in small snatches.

I never thought that anime had any effect on my brain but you can't deny what's inside you.

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