Dé Domhnaigh, Eanáir 16, 2011

So: Miss America is Nebraskan

Gering girl, plans on going into politics, and since she plans on going to Patrick Henry College in Virginia, a well-known conservative ecole, there's no need to guess what side of the line she'll be working for. Still there's nothing innately wrong with beauty queens going into politics. The old stereotype of the ditz with nothing under the tierra has always been nonsense. You'll find the same range of intelligence among pageant girls as you'll find in any random segment of the population. They just have an unusually strong drive to be noticed and admired by strangers is all, so the only mystery is why there aren't more beauty queens going into politics or planning to. It's a natural transition, and the Sarah Palin comparision is obvious. Here's another attractive lady bound to make a nice career for herself by flattering her Native stretch of White rural America's moral vanity. How far she goes with this schtick, if anywhere, well there's really no point in even guessing now. The only thing we can pin down for certain is that yes, there are in fact still beauty pagents out there. How about that?

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