Dé Máirt, Feabhra 23, 2010

I've Been groovin on This Real Hard Lately

I have a strong notion that Steely Dan will be one of my favorites through every stage of my life. Donald Fagan is a great fucking lyricist, and "Dirty Work" is just about perfect from any aesthetic angle. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORgcHVXSBFI

Times are hard
You're afraid to pay the fee
So you find yourself somebody
Who can do the job for free
When you need a bit of lovin'
Cause your man is out of town
That's the time you get me runnin'
And you know I'll be around

I'm a fool to do your dirty work
Oh yeah
I don't wanna do your dirty work
No more
I'm a fool to do your dirty work
Oh yeah

Light the candle
Put the lock upon the door
You have sent the maid home early
Like a thousand times before
Like the castle in its corner
In a medieval game
I foresee terrible trouble
And I stay here just the same


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