Dé hAoine, Eanáir 08, 2010

Lets Give College Football a Shot

1. Alabama
2. Florida
3. Texas
4. Boise State
5. Ohio State
6. Iowa
7. TCU
8. Cincinnati
9. Penn State
10 Georgia Tech
11 Oregon
12 BYU
13 Virginia Tech
14 Nebraska
15 Pittsburgh
16 Wisconsin
17 Utah
18 Central Michigan
19 Ole Miss
20 USC
21 LSU
22 Okla State
23 Miami
24 Texas Tech
25 Navy

And by the way Texas...

You see what happens when your starting quarterback is the entire offense?


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Joshua Beran said...

Interesting, because I would guess that's about as many mics as I rip on the daily. Not sure of the exact number though. I only know that it's many; me say many many.

wimp said...

sports suck

Joshua Beran said...

Nonsense. Anything as decadent, corrosive and wasteful as college football can't be anything but good.